The trip started off with a good meal… foreshadowing even better days to come :D

We arrive at our hotel in Muscat, The Shangri La… aaah a piece of heaven on Earth :)
The view from our bedroom, the pool, our lounge and our breakfast area…

The private chalets dangled on cliffs… and Muscat’s seashore stretched for Kilometers ahead!

Waiting and snacking at the Business Class Lounge while we wait for our flight to Salalah…

We finally arrive at the breathtaking Salalah! We settle at Holiday Inn, and its marvellous view.

Some of the springs we visited…

A visit to a castle, then the ruins of Queen Balqees’s fortress and after that……… we stop to enjoy camel burgers :P

On our way to Marriott for lunch and a swim, we pass by the famous Omani banana’s, papaya and coconut plantations and enjoy some mouthwatering fruits!

On our way to The Empty Quarter; the dead desert….. we enjoy the great roads between the rocky mountains. Also we make a stop to observe the famous ilban trees, used as gum and bukhoor.

My favourite part of the journey….. the continuous visits to the beach…. and drives along the sea/ gulf/ Ocean…. All so overwhelming.

Back at the hotel we enjoy a BBQ around the pool… and later… enjoy a dreamy banana split with sweeeeet omani bananas! Right there next to my pina colada… is an essential can of insect repellent to keep the insects away from me and my dessert :) The crashing waves nearby replaced any string quartet the night yearned for…

At the antique shop I get some great deals on lovely rings and necklaces :D and the guy shows me his prize possession, an old Coptic Bible that’s worth $250,000… I pass :p

The spot where the Salalah witch on YouTube performed a sacrifice ritual. We then stop at the night fruit market for some more Omani bananas. Later from an all night grocery store I get the most intriguing flavored chips in town… and I loved it! :p

Finally… our journey comes to an unwanted end …

~ by Disturbed Stranger on July 29, 2011.