“Not” Surrender


Surrender. Is it an option? She would never consider it. She never gave up on anything. But being there… in his arms… so close. The closeness… It was different. NO. It didn’t matter, she was held there against her will. A prisoner. A prisoner of her own thoughts. A prisoner to her own feelings. A prisoner.

He looked at her blank face staring into the distance behind him. Her pupils dilated. Her lips slightly quivering.

“What’s on your mind?”

Nothing. No reaction. She did not budge.

“Hey,” he gave her a nudge, “you look at me when I’m talking to you”.

Again, nothing. She did not respond…or did she choose to ignore? He looked at her and smirked. He knew how to get to her. He knew how to provoke her. He knew he knew her. He moved his lips closer towards her, she flinched abruptly. He stopped for a moment… then slowly moved closer, shifting his lips’ previous aim for her lips, to her ear. She froze. His hand lay on her waist, pressing her closer against him as his other hand clutched one of her frail arms. Then he started his despicable game. Whispering.

Minutes passed… she grew unstable. Twitching. Wriggling. Struggling. His hand released its firm clutch of her arm and decided to tame her, finding its way through her upper body… and finally resting on her neck. A firmer clutch. His thumb stroked her cheek caressingly. She was uneasy and his whispering was getting to her… trying her patience… she couldn’t take it anymore…Enough! Suddenly she gave a loud cry and pushed him back with all her might… And with a loud thud he hit the stone wall and fell to the ground…

~ by Disturbed Stranger on April 26, 2008.

60 Responses to ““Not” Surrender”

  1. Finally, part 3. It’s about time.
    And you go girl (uttered to the protagonist here). Show that s.o.b. his place :) Don’t listen to those ugly voices in your head telling you to surrender.

    *Sorry I got a bit carried away here :)

  2. Ullllllah!!! This keeps getting better and better!!!! :D pleaaaaase part 4 tomorrow please please pleaaaaaaase!! (now what are the chances that’s gonna happen? :( )
    Now wait, shga3aad ye9ir ehny? one minute she wants him the next she doesn’t? 9ej disturbed (no offense)
    Love ur descriptions.
    and loool hanan shfeech entay me7tara? entay il prisoner wala ehyah? :P

  3. viper: lol madry. endimajt shway :P

  4. I think I am in LOVE with the jailor :S Call it whatever you wanna call it he’s so f-ing irresistible! OH MY GOD A7EBAAAAAH!!
    I wanna switch places with her! Disturbed please ur the author, stick me in the story! I’d prefer in the dungeon, actually I’d prefer in his arms and lose the bimbo! :P I’d owe you one.

  5. It’s good she kicked his ass.. but he’s hot;p

  6. Absolutely superb! That really shook off my lousy mood. Thank you Disturbed.
    I am really anticipating a fantastic follow up, say how many are left now?

  7. I love it when I am surprised, didn’t really expect to find part 3 now, but lovely that I did :)
    Now this is getting intense, the story seems to be mentally tormenting as the reader tries to resolve the situation here (I know I am)
    Now Disturbed :) this is definitely Stockholm syndrome, no denying that now. Identifying with her captor? Establishing some kind of connection?

  8. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Great job D!! And I think this part is so far the most sensual!
    “His hand released its firm clutch of her arm and decided to tame her, finding its way through her upper body… and finally resting on her neck. A firmer clutch. His thumb stroked her cheek caressingly.” Beautiful!
    and Viper you wouldn’t know how hanan felt, it’s a girl thing!! ;)

  9. “Seriously the last person to give you advice and guidance on love is a shrink!
    You don’t need that… all you need are some twisted stories ;)”

    -which is why I keep coming back to you, my dear.

    thanks for stopping by.

  10. I second Zartha; the jailor is charming in a very “disturbing” way :)

  11. An intriguing fragment, it will take some creativity to avoid the temptations of gothic cliche,

  12. Bravo… :-)

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  13. Reading your work helps me pull through the day.
    Thank you and well done.
    See you soon.

  14. Disturbing. I think of child molestation for some strange reason.
    The way she feels some sort of desire towards her captor while feeling repulsed is exactly a child feels when growing up around a child molester. And to think that many readers think this captor is charming is just disgusting, I want to throw up.

  15. How do you come up with these stories?
    Brilliant how you manage to keep the reader satisfied and avoid disappointments :)

  16. Good for her although I’m being skeptic, a “frail” women able to push a mancho man? Please that is too much to swallow, give me a break :P

  17. When did you post this? How come I wasn’t told??! :(
    I think this is my favourite part so far, a lot of “heat” and same as usual brilliantly descriptive!

    P.S I am not attracted to the jailor :)

  18. For some reason a part of me wants to say that this isn’t even about a man an a woman, really, but something much deeper that they only symbolize, having obviously to do with the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed. There is such a fine line between being a master and a slave, don’t you think?

    Or, you’re just having a laugh and winding us all up :-) either way, it works for me.

  19. Is this based on a true story? (even if not exactly in a dungeon)

    nice work

  20. J recommended your blog. I can see why: Gripping
    I’ll be coming back for more :)
    Keep it up.

  21. Seems like this happened .. somewhere .. sometime, right? (even if not right, I am sure it did, my gut tells me it did).

  22. I didn’t know so many Masochists existed (readers intended).
    There is nothing exciting about a kidnapper/abuser/rapist. Well at least there shouldn’t be.

  23. I am on the edge of my seat here. Very well done.
    People he’s an abuser he shouldn’t be attractive and charming. Although I can see why you see something tingling there.. it’s the disturbed intimacy between the 2 not the jailor himself! Disturbed Stranger has caught us in her disturbed net… she is our jailor and we are her prisoners, prisoners in our own mind, I salute you Disturbed shows your brilliant!

    looking forward to your new post. Speed things up.

  24. Well written.
    I want a rape scene.

  25. Dramatically powerful. Your choice of descriptives never fail to amaze me, have you considered writing a book?

  26. Touching (PuN iNteNdEd) ;)

  27. Demonic Abilities that’s a sick thing to say even if you are aroused!

  28. Who said anything about me wanting it coz I was aroused?
    Similar scenes exist all over the world.
    I am not aroused by them, just curious.

  29. q8tia if there is “submission” then it’s not really rape now is it? If the supposed “victim” is not really resisting, if she “subconsciously” wants it (body telling her yes, mind telling her no) then it’s not rape :) it’s called stubbornness, pretending, faking, kidding herself… and the “rapist” :)
    So lay off Demonic Abilities ;)

  30. oh and well done Disturbed :P :*

  31. Thank you Queen N. You raise an interesting point, though all I had in mind was analyzing that scene. I’m trying to get behind the cause of rapes and how they can be prevented. It seems to me like in most cases the victim plays a vital role in that cause, “provoking” (provacative clothes, back talk, anger…etc)

  32. Loool. 3ala 6ool tred! :P very smart point though, I must say I agree with you, if that’s the case Queen N.
    Demonic Abilities even though they may provoke the rapist… but bottom line is they dont ask to be raped! :S

  33. DS,

    Stopping by to invite you over. Oddly, I consider you to be a part of my “collection.” Though I don’t know your personal love story, I sense in you something quite deep, tormented, and passionate. I dig it & love the paradox you seem to embody. At least in my own mind.

    Anyway…invite still stands.

  34. whooooooooa! Rape??! you guys ;/ since one do we justify that?! it’s not only wrong and sinful it’s….. :s

  35. Queen N are you trying to justify rape here? so if the victim provoked the rapist, it’s her fault as well? What about murder and other crimes? the same? you have no logic.

  36. some people here are either insane or sick.

  37. q8ia. Thanks for picking it up :) It is a girl thing. But it’s also a human thing, or a humane thing. This is a rape scene. The fact that the victim might have mixed feelings towards what’s happening is obviously the result of the situation she is in. As Hussain puts it, it’s what “a child feels when growing up around a child molester”
    Delinquent Oppressor: It’s amazing what the body is capable of doing under stress. The rush of adrenaline gives a person something close to super powers. When that is combined by a will to protect yourself, that power is intensified.
    Holy Cow: Of course it happened. This always happens.
    Demonic Abilities: Justifying rape by claiming the victim provoked it is not only weak but also criminal. Would you also justify murder if the victim ‘edged’ the murderer on?
    Kinmo: You’re right. Some people here are a bit sick. But then again fiction always brings out the worst (and possibly the best) in people.

    Disturbed: Sorry again. My replies do tend to stretch. But I’m sure you wouldn’t mind :)

  38. I pity rapists rather than despise them. They have a lot of mental and social issues. They are not sick because they are mentally incapable of thinking.. however, whoever thinks their doings are a “turn on” then they are sick because they are sane (mentally capable if not very sane).

  39. Powerful themes Disturbed, and very controversial!
    I agree with The Keeper, rapists should be pitied, there is no justification for rape.

  40. hanan- LoL. Still taking over? Good job.

    Ok, now for those who have “fallen in love” with the jailor, I have one word for you: therapy… and another word: fast.

    Zartha- I cannot add you to the story unfortunately because the story has already been written.. Next time… and I’ll make sure you’re the victim.

    Amethyst- hot? He’s just a “dark figure” ;) unless you find that hot…? I wouldn’t be surprised though my readers tend to be weird ;)

    Dr.Know- The sequel is coming up… last one.

    Ancrene Wiseass- ok, no denying, it can be whatever you want it to be (and yes I am patronizing you :))

    Paul- Yes. I know. I AM very creative :)

    Powell- I’m glad to hear that.

    Hussain- You say that with such “background”… do you really know what it feels like to be molested as a child? Share.

    Pure Hatred- I don’t really come up with anything… it tends to flow out.

    Delinquent Oppressor- it’s macho not mancho, didn’t point it out the first time coz I thought it was a type-o ;) and again as hanan stated you’d be surprised at what anger can do a person.

    Harmonie22- I’m glad to announce that you are one of my sharp readers. Indeed it is more than just a jailor/prisoner situation, it goes as far as characterizing certain personalities. From the replies I just read… I know exactly who’s a “jailor” and who’s a “prisoner” without them having to necessarily be in that position.

    And yes :) I always do enjoy a good laugh.

    Joshua- it can be whatever you want it to be.

    Holy Cow- LoL. I’m sorry I cannot take you seriously.

    Congenitally Disturbed- you are all my prisoners!! HA HA HA! (She laughed horrifically)

    Demonic Abilities- I want a decent reader.
    As for your second comment: curiosity killed the pervert.

    Chris- Already have… many in fact… the question is though would I consider publishing? No.

    Queen N- Your persistence at redefining terms still amazes me.

    BizyLizy- I accept your invitation and invite you to a one-on-one session, however I do warn you, I have been known to poison my recipients ;)

    Kinmo- The world is a “sick” place… and it is “insane” that we continue to live in it. Now… your point?

    The Keeper & Elijah- Save your pity men. Show no mercy or compassion.

  41. long comment?
    Well it’s my blog… I do as I please.

  42. What do you mean “last one”???!! It’s over?!!!!!! :( NO.
    and welcome back, it’s been a while.

  43. Sorry I couldn’t comment earlier I was busy with exams :( I missed you girl :(
    lOvE this part… last one coming up? ur kidding :( you better make it up with more good stuff! :@ and lol yeah a lot of weird readers ;)

  44. Why am I the only one you didn’t reply to?!! You always ignore me! mestow3eba?!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@

  45. She’s alive! She’s Alive! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

    oh, and looking forward to being ur victim ;)

  46. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaak q8tia :p

  47. This keeps getting better and better. I can picture you coming up with a slick ending to throw us all off ;) You are an amazing writer, very unique. I think you should take serious thought about publishing your books, I guarantee a wide and assorted audience, myself amongst them of course.

    Good luck in your work Disturbed Stranger.
    Waiting anxiously for the sequel.

  48. This keeps getting better and better. I can picture you coming up with a slick ending to throw us all off ;) You are an amazing writer, very unique. I think you should take serious thought about publishing your books, I guarantee a wide and assorted audience, myself amongst them of course.

    Good luck in your work Disturbed Stranger.
    Waiting anxiously for the sequel.

  49. This keeps on getting better and better. I can see you working on a slick ending to throw us all off ;) You really are a unique writer. You should give serious thought to publishing your books, it would be a huge shame if you didn’t. I guarantee you a wide and assorted audience, myself amongst them of course. You have a talent, it shouldn’t be kept from the world, it would be selfish of you and a loss to us. Think about it please.

    Good luck in your writing Disturbed.
    Waiting anxiously for the sequel.

  50. I don’t know how that happened :( I am sorry. WordPress getting weird on me again :(

  51. Good blog you got there very dark words.

  52. LOL. Il mohem t7ebini :*

  53. YaLlA PaRt 4!!!
    HoW MuCh LoNgEr dO wE hAvE To WaIt?!! T’thElEnA? :P
    ChEnA u UsEd To PoSt ThEm AsRa3 bEfOrE?

  54. Disturbed,

    Two things:

    First, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your question intrigued me, and I’ve been pondering it all day, even after I responded to you on my own blog. I come back here to elaborate because, well, it’s relative to this post you wrote. My obsession lies within the paradoxes of emotions that love and desire often evoke. I sense you already know this. How else could you write so eloquently, so masterfully about such “twisted” sort of love. Pain and pleasure is such a bittersweet recipe. It yields within us the meloncholy of unsatisfied desire, together with the burn of passion, as well as love, plain and simple, in all its sweetness.

    Second, you are such a tease! When the hell are you going to give us another post to this tantalizing story???

  55. Dr.Know & W.R.M- Yes, it is the last one, as I previously said. Why do I have to repeat myself?

    q8tia- LoL… I am not really aware of it… It’s not a conscious reaction I assure you.

    Viper- Grow up. “Act your age not your shoe size” ;)

    This•Random•Life™ – You flatter me… and I deserve it ;) I’m not so sure about publishing yet, but who knows someday I might… it’s not really a far-fetched possibility.

    Phil Barnes- “Dark” is my specialty.

    BizyLizy- Truer words could not have been spoken. When you first told me you were looking for the perfect love story I smiled to myself not only because such a thing does not exist but because the closest thing to strong love is “Disturbed Love”… “obsession” is just a branch of disturbed love ;) My upcoming stories will confirm your perceptions and I am positive you’ll point them out ;) In the meantime enjoy part 4 ;)

  56. lol of course you do ;)
    and “might” is good :)

  57. sorry:(

  58. looooooooooool :D
    Good old days :p Lets make the next one a beach bc pleaaaaase, I’ll get the boat? ;)

  59. First time over to your blog! Wow. This is a powerful story.

  60. o. what a thrilling read, fantasy. you good.

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