Things I’m missing back home…

So many Ramadan cravings. I find myself drooling over the things I miss back home… here are the list of my favourite-things-missed:

I miss the “all in 1 food shop” I escaped work to visit with my decadent colleagues :)

I miss Suhoor with my friends and our movie-watching during those long hours of munching :)

I miss morning egg Benedict with my best friend :D

I miss receiving little treats from loved ones that I would snack on all night :)

I miss creating my own food (especially pizzas); making more mess than production ;) and teasing family with my pigging out

I miss sneaking marble-slab ice cream into the movie theaters with my Partner In Crime :P

I miss McDonald’s nights with cousins, the PJ ride to the drive through and the consumption of half the food in the car before making it back to the house :P

This post is dedicated to all those who msged asking if I miss them…

Yes I do miss you all… But…

Ramadan in Switzerland is waaaaaaay sweeter ;*

~ by Disturbed Stranger on September 4, 2011.