A Dedication…

~ by Disturbed Stranger on May 19, 2009.

22 Responses to “A Dedication…”

  1. ……. where’s a karaoke machine when you need it …..

  2. I didn’t listen, for I know it well. A beautiful song.

  3. Shake it OFF, Disturbed. Get back in the game.

  4. I wish you would write again.
    Selfish of me perhaps. But maybe you ought.
    Kindly meant,

  5. It wasn’t support, sweetie, as much as tough love. If you were my niece, we would go out to lunch, you’d cry a little and then I would get you laughing. Some things just hurt. I allow myself to wallow for a little while, but then – if you keep grieving, you are giving the hurt too much power in your life.

    You have so much talent and insight. You have a wonderful life in front of you. Why give this negative event too much power? You have a lot going for you. I’m not kidding – shake it off. Wash that man right out of your hair and send him on his way!

    Rx – laughter therapy. Watch, listen to the words:


  6. Yes Readers, I am only approving a handful of comments, the ones I “feel like” approving. The rest I found tasteless… No need to email me; they are “getting through” just not being approved. My reply to all the unapproved comments: None of your d*** business.

    KTDP- Now I’d love to hear you sing that…

    Pearl- You’ve stopped writing as well… you write… I’ll write… Then we trade.

    intlxpatr- “If you were my niece, we would go out to lunch,”

    I would probably be hiding somewhere when it’s time to go… I hate going out. I hate people. I hate socializing. I’ve never felt comfortable at those forced efforts of conviviality.
    And now… I see no point…

    But I’m sure you would’ve been a lovely aunt.
    And thank you for your “little gifts”… I thought I had forgotten to smile.

  7. Disturbed-
    LOL. The best laugh of the day, you: “I hate people.” It just struck me funny, though it’s probably not. I suppose in my head I heard MY own voice. How many times have I said that?
    I think I hate them, because I love them so.
    I’m writing posts, but there’s a sticky on my front page, Black Pearl. She sits before more recent posts.
    I like your honesty, I like your humor. Chin up [Don’t you hate those little expressions?]I consider your last comment here writing, BTW. Especially since it inspires laughter, sadness, and a nod to grit; I see you have got some of that.

  8. The pig doesn’t deserve you. You are so special I can sense it.
    I think I am in love with you.
    Forget him; Flush him like the piece of shit he is, down the only place he deserves to be ;0)

    Don’t stop writing don’t let anything stop your beautiful writing

  9. Yes, flush away. Then flush again. Repeat as necessary.

  10. Gavrilin- LOL

    Pearl- Don’t encourage him ;P

    Again, for those persistent readers… I will not approve insipid comments. Give up already.

  11. Oops, my bad. I’m good like that…
    BTW, Disturbed, if you need a writing exercise to get started again, you could always risk offending people by joining our new quasi-culty I HATE HAIKU club. It feels kinda good…LOL.

  12. A powerful song, powerfull words as are your words and images of late.
    I know not what happens now in your world, but I hope that happiness finds you and light will reach forward, for the place you see is not a place you belong, though silent I come to read, words at present evade me, even if possible to comment I would be unable.
    Hope springs eternal, just reach beyond the shadows. My thoughts lay strong, though little they mean to you, two names upon a screen sharing words…I hope that light stems soon from the darkness…listen to the wind, here you name and breath…you belong in light and not this place, as one born from the shadows I know this place is not your home.

  13. Pearl- I hate joining clubs… (I bet you saw that coming)

    Duma Key- “you belong in light” Do I really?

    Through the dark tunnel I keep running. Tired and breatless. I hear only the sound of my breath, the ponding of my weary feet and the beating of my dying heart. I feel my eyes widening in the darkness- stretching out of their sockets to grab at any shred of light: The light at the end of the tunnel. My feet won’t stop till I find it. But the light at the end of my tunnel is dark… And I can’t stop running.

    • When darkness comes its grip is strong but it can not hold on to light for long. From suffering apparently we learn, so I guess I have been learning all my life….! One thing for sure when all is done here in this place when the next phase comes…I am holding on to my recipt and asking for a refund!
      The dark tunnel you see has an end for people like you, people of light, though this probably means little to you at present….hardly means much to me….!

  14. its shocking to see so much pain, it should not exist, damn! but hey i know it does. one step at a time, works for anything, the first step, thats the one thats brutal, I wish you the very best in hope and love!

  15. Duma Key- Touché.

    Mental Mist- You’ve never seen enough… Thank you. Likewise.

  16. Dang, too bad I always lose my receipts…..
    Then again, the rides I take do seem to be clearly labeled “no deposit/no return/no refund”, anyway…
    Disturbed, you know that club is an Anti-Club anyway:)

  17. Hey, you. I love your smart ass antisocial responses to some of the commentators :)

  18. Pearl- Yeah, but you know I had to say that anyway as well ;)

    harmonie22- Yeah … Can’t help those…

  19. I miss being able to comment on your soul stirring work ever so often…it’s like reading a book and wishing you could let the author know how brilliant his or her work is. Anywho, I shall not be selfish and I am truely hoping you well. I am also keeping you in my prayers and thoughts, especially today. I’ve never met a stranger I did not like…yet I find your mind exceptionally likeable. Peace, Light and Love…CordieB.

  20. Thank you Cordieb you flatter me…

    but the new policy is readers send me their comments via email, it enhances intense arguments where readers enjoy the privacy.

    It’s been working seamlessly for me as well… ;)

    Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, I greatly appreciate it.

  21. I had to come back here and comment, your words and your work, I can feel your pain so clear. You really have a tallent here, great art comes from suffering, you write on the knifes edge, and inspire such thought and emotion with in, to hit the levels you hit is rare indeed.
    I hope your pain eases, but am loving your writing.

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