Organica Pasta & Pizza

Remember my Organic Fish n Chips post?

Well, yesterday, on a random night excursion we decide to stop by for some fish ‘n chips, suddenly, we realize that right next door a new joint is open: Organica Pasta & Pizza! This must be a gift from heaven we think … and indeed it was!


The atmosphere altogether felt like out-of-Kuwait dining… :) I liked it. Especially the wall-art… beautiful! Another thing we found amusing were the tables… each labeled with an Italian City! We chose Venice.


Our food arrives, and we are astounded by how rich and hearty the food is!

An exquisite variety in desserts makes my choice difficult… however I end up with my one truly: the Tiramisu


And our parting gift.. a li’l bag of goodies :D I love people who gift goodies!

~ by Disturbed Stranger on July 8, 2011.