Organica Pasta & Pizza

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Remember my Organic Fish n Chips post?

Well, yesterday, on a random night excursion we decide to stop by for some fish ‘n chips, suddenly, we realize that right next door a new joint is open: Organica Pasta & Pizza! This must be a gift from heaven we think … and indeed it was!


The atmosphere altogether felt like out-of-Kuwait dining… :) I liked it. Especially the wall-art… beautiful! Another thing we found amusing were the tables… each labeled with an Italian City! We chose Venice.


Our food arrives, and we are astounded by how rich and hearty the food is!

An exquisite variety in desserts makes my choice difficult… however I end up with my one truly: the Tiramisu


And our parting gift.. a li’l bag of goodies :D I love people who gift goodies!


Cafe Bazza

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A great new place has opened where Green’s Chinese restaurant used to be… A little Kuwaiti place called “Cafe Bazza” :) I’ve enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner there. Breakfast was good… lunch was better!


The atmosphere brought back some good memories- as it is decorated with old Kuwaiti items some of which I loved (bottles of Vimto & Kuwaiti proverbs)

Needless to say the food was great :) but what I liked the most was the mini “duwaa” that kept our tea warm :)

Cocoa Room

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Since The Chocolate Bar in Bida’a was closed for renovations I decided that we should to try the new chocolate place “Cocoa Room”… though now I still think I cannot replace Chocolate Bar with any other dessert place :P

Eggs Benedict & a piece of Halloum bruschetta… yuuuum

Our hearty breakfast (the additions: bacon, scrambled eggs with our own additional choices of tomatoes, mushrooms, onions & cheese, and Cocoa Room’s Kuwaiti scrambled eggs which we were very curious to taste yet not disappointed!)

The Dynamite Finale: Chocolate brownie pancakes!! :D (they just mixed all my favourite desserts, could I ask for more?)

Hilton Resort

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Before our upcoming trip this week we decided that we needed some relaxation :) (how spoiled are we?)… & checking into Hilton’s Resort in Mangaf was what we finally agreed on.

Our private villa & it’s entrance:

The living room- where our movie night took place ( Murder in the First was our movie along with some indoor dining, yum)… of course the extra beanbags & TV futons were not unpacked yet ;)

Our front porch- the table on which we had our 2nd breakfasts  ;), our afternoon teas on and on which we played many rounds of Uno, Monopoly & Risk (all games didn’t end well  :p)

2nd floor… where our bedrooms were…

The view from our balcony & our neighbourhood… The walkway there was where I enjoyed my dawn runs- lovely sea breeze.

A Message to God: My message as well

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تصاعد أنفاسـي إليـك جـواب * وكـل
إشاراتـى إلـيك خطـاب
فليـتك تحلو والحيـاة مـريرة * وليـتك
ترضـى والأنـام غضـاب
وليـت الذي بيـني وبينـك عامر * وبـيني
وبيـن العــالمين خـراب
إذا صـح منك الود فالكل هيـن * وكـل الذي
فوق الـتراب تـراب
فياليـت شـربي من ورادك صافيا * وشـربي
من مـاء الفرات سـراب
متـى لم يكن بيني وبينـك ريبـة * فكـل
نعيـم صـد عنك عـذاب
فكيف توانى الخـلق عنك وقد بـدا * جـمال
به قـد هـامت الألبـاب
أقـول لعـذالى مدى الدهر اقصروا * فكـل
الذي يهوى سـواه يعـاب

The most eloquent words I’ve come across…


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Movie night with a modern adaptation of The Beauty and The Beast- My favourite Disney Cartoon. The movie was ok- the actors were “eh” :) but all in al I’d give it a 7/10 only because I love the storyline!

What sparked me as interesting though was the fact that in the movie the guy had Arabic letters tattooed to his left eyebrow (when he turns into the beast) yet when we tried to take a closer look at the movie’s poster to see what it read the letters were replaced with English gibberish… hmm… was this yet another attempt by the Jews to send a hidden message? :P (like all the other perverted hidden messages found in Disney Cartoons; noted & presented by the mini documentary “The Arrivals”)… we will never know ;)

Pineland Resort Lebanon

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This place came highly recommended to us by some friends but honestly I didn’t see what the big deal was… I’ve been in much more luxurious & serene resorts- so this came out as very ordinary in comparison.


A more breath-taking view from our own apartment… some Kilometers away from here…


But where you can’t go wrong in Lebanon is the fruits & veggies market :D Everything is so succulent! We got us some vegetables on the way and N prepared the freshest salad!


Our movie night was a bit different than usual… we decided to watch a random movie back at our room at the resort and I wish we hadn’t! The movie we saw was one of the most disturbing movies I had ever seen… Not scary… No… disturbing… When the movie was over we all felt like we lost a chip of our sanity. ( It was a French movie which is why N thought it would be fun to watch & how sorry she was). I always thought the French were Sadists (The French & Japanese are both very weird!)


Later I discovered that this movie is rated X on IMDB. I strongly suggest no one watches this nor any other French supposedly horror crap! I choked on my salad a couple of times during the movie :)