Hilton Resort

Before our upcoming trip this week we decided that we needed some relaxation :) (how spoiled are we?)… & checking into Hilton’s Resort in Mangaf was what we finally agreed on.

Our private villa & it’s entrance:

The living room- where our movie night took place ( Murder in the First was our movie along with some indoor dining, yum)… of course the extra beanbags & TV futons were not unpacked yet ;)

Our front porch- the table on which we had our 2nd breakfasts  ;), our afternoon teas on and on which we played many rounds of Uno, Monopoly & Risk (all games didn’t end well  :p)

2nd floor… where our bedrooms were…

The view from our balcony & our neighbourhood… The walkway there was where I enjoyed my dawn runs- lovely sea breeze.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on June 11, 2011.