Pineland Resort Lebanon

This place came highly recommended to us by some friends but honestly I didn’t see what the big deal was… I’ve been in much more luxurious & serene resorts- so this came out as very ordinary in comparison.


A more breath-taking view from our own apartment… some Kilometers away from here…


But where you can’t go wrong in Lebanon is the fruits & veggies market :D Everything is so succulent! We got us some vegetables on the way and N prepared the freshest salad!


Our movie night was a bit different than usual… we decided to watch a random movie back at our room at the resort and I wish we hadn’t! The movie we saw was one of the most disturbing movies I had ever seen… Not scary… No… disturbing… When the movie was over we all felt like we lost a chip of our sanity. ( It was a French movie which is why N thought it would be fun to watch & how sorry she was). I always thought the French were Sadists (The French & Japanese are both very weird!)


Later I discovered that this movie is rated X on IMDB. I strongly suggest no one watches this nor any other French supposedly horror crap! I choked on my salad a couple of times during the movie :)

~ by Disturbed Stranger on May 28, 2011.