Weekend on Failaka Island :)


Opting for spontaneity we decide to pack lightly and hop on to “Om il 5air” for the weekend :)


A little disappointed that the island wasn’t as well-maintained as it could’ve been, nevertheless, there were a number of activities to choose from! We had a look at the Sheikh Abdullah Salem Museum… Fooled around at the pool… And misused the spiral stairs :p



I loved some of the houses :)

We stop for breakfast… brunch… lunch… snacks… & dinner ;) good food!



We head to the beach and choose from the many activities- my favourite was cycling along the shore… We later stop for refreshments at the beach bar.

Back in the room we enjoy the view of the quiet sea …

We swing bythe Baqala to pick up some childhood goodies :D

 Franky here followed us around the island (I don’t know why I decided to call him Franky- but he barked merrily at the name :) )

As the evening approached I set up my telescope to get my first “astronomy lesson” – under the stars- whilst my head was up in the clouds ;)

An evening visit to the Food Village… We drop in on BR and pick us up a couple of flavours! mmmmm…

Late-night golf :)


Embracing our culture :)


I want our boys to look like this again :( little men… not whatever freak-show/ dorky-look they crave nowadays!

Concerned about the language in some of those posters … ;)

Could NOT get enough of that sky & sea!


More snacks from the ferry’s bar & our own private jet-skis show keep us entertained on the ride back home …

~ by Disturbed Stranger on March 22, 2011.