After a rather short domestic flight we arrive at our second destination: Goa. We are immediately gob-smacked by the beauty of this place… and after a long drive we finally arrive at the heavenly Leela Kempinski Resort. (The welcoming coconut juice was exactly what I needed after that long drive!)

Our room and its view of the Lagoon…

With all the “travelling tension” in my body all I wanted to do was dip in the pool… however it was strongly recommended that I try the Ayurvedic therapy in which a stream of oil is slowly poured onto your forehead over your so-called third eye through a suspended vessel. The idea is that having constant light, dribbling pressure on your forehead will help your concentration and give you a point of focus on which to meditate. I must say… it just put me right to sleep :)

After my Ayurvedic therapy and full body massage I am left famished. Then again I am ecstatic at the little surprise I get: a private dinner on the beach! :) where again I enjoy the mouthwatering Prawn Masala!

And later we enjoy our late night beverages over some light traditional music in the lounge :)

In the morning I explore the beach…

Leaving the resort we head out to discover the city- its main landmark is the 16th Century church. What I love about Goa though is the juice stalls at every corner of the streets. Sugarcane juice is popular around these parts.

A visit to The Spice Garden… where we are welcomed with Cashews and lemongrass tea (tasty!).

Some of the benefits those spices have…… verrrrry interesting ;)

Walking around the aromatic garden was refreshing!

The sight of cashews on trees felts like christmas decorations :) I like! We also see coconuts, pineapples and the famous peri peri chili.

Finally, an open garden buffet with nothing but fresh & organic food… A fabulous way to end the tour.

The remaining days were spent on the beach. Two of my favourite activities there were:

1)      Purchasing useless knickknacks and haggling with the ladies for the sheer purpose of haggling :)

2)      Filling crab holes with sand :)


Private lunch… A delectable meal on the beach.

Sunset by the beach… Swaying on a hammock… Enjoying the light breeze… The sun dances  away to the music being played…

This had to be noted: In the middle of the airport we find a “fish pedispa”… I pass… but I was told it was a ticklish yet unforgettable experience :)

~ by Disturbed Stranger on February 17, 2011.