You say to fall into your very being is to be cursed, you say your land is a no-man’s land.

But I have been invited.

Your dark eyes have haunted my dreams.. Long before you pledged you would never cast a ferocious gaze upon me.

You shielded yourself, locked yourself far away, in a chamber- away from all Evil.

Yet you scream “I am Evil”

Losing touch with who is evil, and who is far from evil- blurring all realities and fantasies. They have comatose-d you.

Your memory is hindered- you cannot see the reassurance in my eyes. In you, I find absolute perfection. Pureness.. They should’ve never touched you.

Insanely Beautiful to me. Insanely out of reach- yet so close, my heart pounds against my chest- or is that your heart I hear? Let me whisper sweet fragments of soothing syllables- then let us drown in this land of agonizing torment.

I am exhausted, trying to tear down all these walls of adversary, all these walls surrounding your chamber-

Every wall I shatter brings infinite joy- yet another one materializes instead. And I am stuck, immobilized, unyielding- my pleasure derived from dreaming.

I dream of your intensities- of your darkest desires and I long to taste the innermost atoms of you- Every atom, every piece, every inch of your fire.. An inferno where we melt within each other’s dreams

I have been invited.

The wall hinders my outreached arms- my fingers touch only, solely, the air..

The air between us vibrates- can air vibrate? With you- air vibrates and jolts my senses..

Take me in your chamber… there’s no room?

I can curl up into barely a cusp of a hand, and hold you in my arms- merge with you, till neither of us knows where one begins, and where one ends.

Parts of me reach parts of you- diminutive invisible parts.

And I know, I believe- your entire being, your soul, and body.. is my land- whether it be Heaven or Hell, I have been summoned.

Written for me by the eloquent “S2”

~ by Disturbed Stranger on August 9, 2010.

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