The Second Journey

With incalculable effort she sat upright on her crooked wooden chair looking out the window with rheumy eyes… her marble eyes glittered against the 80 yr old sun that still looked young.
The cries of children rang in her ears as if it were yesterday her great grandchildren were playing by her feet.
Now the sound of silence pierced her ears… but it wasn’t worse than the emptiness that pierced her heart.
The disease had now, not only lodged deep in her body, but engulfed her entirely. She pondered on the thought of being born helpless and growing old helpless… Only a fool would deny our fate being in Greater and more Powerful hands. She had always pitied those who couldn’t look beyond the borders of Life.
The patterns of the clouds had changed from the last time she had looked. Things change. She knew that. The clouds seemed to part causing beams to glow on the palm trees in the backyard. She remembered planting those trees with her late husband. How young and full of life they were…
A floating sensation arose in her… the numbness in her feet crawled up her legs… She closed her eyes expecting flashbacks from her life… she saw nothing but bright clouds and felt nothing but a silky cool breeze gliding against her skin elevating her higher and higher.
Her Earthly body lay motionless. She looked down at herself with watery eyes and…  a smile.

She had done well in this world… and now she is off to collect her remuneration.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on July 6, 2010.

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