I killed Cupid

The fucking bastard had it coming.
For years he’s been messing with me… taking pleasure in my misfortune and trauma. Throwing me into one drama after another… Then looking down at the commotion and chuckling to himself as he admires his handiwork… No… wait… that’s giving the little bastard way too much credit. He was fucking with me- end of story.

Now that I’m with someone he stalks me with his bow and arrow trying to make me fall for another! …Why?!

Disgusting flabby kid. I blame his parents… his mother is too busy whoring around to teach him a thing or two.

He waited for me to pass by where he was hiding … waited for me to come into target….
But before he was able to take a shot at me I grabbed his stout body and nailed him to the ground… stabbing him repeatedly with his own weapon of damnation
See how it feels like?!!! Are you enjoying this now?!! I gave a diabolical laugh as his flesh ripped open and thick warm fluid gushed out of his revoltingly tender flesh… specks spraying on me with every strike…some landing on my lips… and I… unintentionally… reflexively… licked my lips. Bitter-sweet.
I had never seen this shade of red before… more captivating than that of cultivated roses… it was truly beautifully-eye-pricking.
His rosy cheeks had turned lilac. Eyes blank. He looked like a ragged doll- the one you’d toss underneath the rest of the toys.

Venus standing over me… Staring at the leftover pieces of her son scattered around the place… she was about to lash out with rage… I pulled her down and kissed her. Sliding my tongue over her lips as we part.

Mesmerized she glares at me… self-conscious of her own beauty now.
She forgot she even had a son.

And I… walk away… like nothing ever happened.
She ogles me before I disappear out of her sight… and into freedom.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on April 4, 2010.

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