Number Disease

Advice: Not a good idea to brag about your partner to people… because when it’s over you don’t want 170 people asking about them every time you’re with any of them.
16 at the movies is a crowd
6.5 hours in a bathtub is exhausting
4371Kms of cruising is liberating
8 hours to sleep for 2 hours is nerve-racking
46 hours in a hospital bed is ass-numbing
78 minutes of smoking is nauseating
Forced to take part in 3 group activities a day is off-putting
4-5 offers a week is brow raising
Putting on a fake mask for 5 hours is arduous
6 years of pain is enough
41 Oreos in 1 sitting is too much
9 sodas a day is energizing
Having 7 stalkers is sad
To have 100’s of fans is mind-blowing
To have 1000’s of readers weekly is staggering
12 resolutions for 12 months- 2 down, 10 to go
1 love is all you need to keep going
8 minutes of concentration is all that my ADD can allow… therefore….

22 lines for this post is just right (my lucky number this year…along with 8 of course)

52 against you while only 1 agrees with you: I guess you really lose this time…

~ by Disturbed Stranger on February 8, 2010.

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