People’s Expiration Dates: My Theory

People Expire:

1) Physically- Not necessarily with old age; but when they are no longer physically attractive (only applicatory to those who were physically attractive to begin with)- a deformity seems to surface with every glimpse no matter how hard you try to overlook it. Those people are usually self-conscious and try very hard to compensate through various means.

2) Mentally- Again, not necessarily with old age; but when they are no longer in control of themselves especially with their behaviors. Their decisions are frequently erroneous which later leads to regret and anguish. Those people can be aggressive and may resort to violence or complete denial.

3) Emotionally- Those who are detached and dry- not necessarily intentionally. Dryness in young people is seen as stubbornness or as a problem as opposed to natural dryness occurring with age for older people. Those people are usually in a lot of “silent pain” and are terrible in handling rejections.

The exact dates in which people expire are unknown.

I just know… I cannot cope with those who expire emotionally.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on January 31, 2010.

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