A Rewarding Experience

Upon some readers’ requests (to personalize my blog, share more of my taste in music, add pictures…etc)

It’s times like these that make my job worthwhile…

So I’m sitting at some sort of reception room with about 50 of my colleagues when an elderly woman walks into the room… “Where is the X department?”
“Over there” a colleague says as she points in our direction.
The woman walks with difficulty to our section and looks eagerly at us all quickly moving her eyes around our group.. Then finally landing her gaze on me…
“Yes?” I smile- time to put on the mask (or maybe I was just genuinely happy coz I was leaving today)

She comes over to my end of the desk- moving briskly towards me… I shy away involuntarily but she manages to grab me… bending over… she fervently kisses my forehead.

The room fell silent
Everyone was completely and utterly stunned.

And I… gobsmacked.

I look up at her inquisitively, speechless of course, I didn’t want to completely wreck the moment- with my uncontrollable attitude it was inevitable.

The woman turns around and announces to the whole room- whose attention at this point was entirely focused on us- that I am a “rare jewel”.
In my head I snicker- bad habit (an ego-booster, nice). She then explains thoroughly and with vivid details how I had a great impact on her daughter- such a great influence (positive of course). I had changed her life.

Déjà vu – I remembered M and the whole M incident.

My department flocked around me with immeasurable pride- throwing those “well done” nods my way… others gleamed with envy.

I hated the attention and gapes- but the new line of thinking lingered for hours after…
20 minutes later a man walks in with a vase of gorgeous Orchids… “DS?”

Another admirer.

You have got to be kidding me.

So I decided enough attention for one day- I hand the flowers to S the beloved caretaker and say my goodbyes.


The weather was perfect- I was thankful I took the motorbike to work.

I had too much positive energy (something I wasn’t used to) hovering around me it was making me lethargic…
I cruise by the seaside waiting for the group to arrive- soon the parking lot was filled with ear-piercing motorbikes.
I had decided to lunch at Hard Rock to stuff myself with unnecessary calories before I left this God forsaken country.


Goodbye all


* Hats off to Faisal Al-Duwaisan… I have nothing but profound respect for him.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on January 28, 2010.

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