A Jaunt in the Rain

I love rain.

I might have been a raindrop in my previous life- it’s the only explanation I can think of… (I didn’t say it was a logical explanation- just a starting point to a boundless path of possibilities)

When the first raindrop makes its first minute splash to the ground I find myself reflexively getting into my car and driving aimlessly around the suburbs- away from the city lights and crowds… The new airport’s route is ideal…

The sound of raindrops on the metallic body of my car brings goose bumps crawling to the surface of my skin… I quiver as the rain’s coolness reaches me…
I watch carefully as drops find each other down my windshield… One collects the other on the way down…I marvel at the sight of twisted streams descending… Creating an illusionary portrait- one you’d stare at for hours at a gallery attempting to unravel its ambiguous inscrutability: Sensational.
I find myself drowning in chimera.

Solitude is the key to taking pleasure in this jaunt…

However… having company (one other) under these circumstances can serve the same level of pleasure with an entirely different purpose- as I came to know.

Enclosed vehicle… firm embraces… cool breaths… misty windows… And it’s done.


that doesn’t stop the rain from pouring.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on January 25, 2010.

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