closeness; wearing her skin

The craving is overwhelming!
I long that closeness… not the physical-touching closeness… not the feeling of breath on my neck closeness… not the smell of lust closeness… I want closer… I want to wear your skin and feel the internal touch of your skin next to mine… The feel of your balmy blood flowing in me… To hear your thoughts… and recognize every cell in your body.

I take matters in my own hands. Change is needed pronto.

I cut open your chest and massage your heart with my bare hands. It trembled along my fingers. Beautiful. I wiped away the filth that clung to it.
Others watch closely with burning genitals wanting what they can’t have; wanting what is mine. I swallow an evil chuckle that is immediately replaced with a smirk. I’m too busy to look up and scrutinize their reaction… I’m too mesmerized by the passion and lust in my hands to notice the buzzing of an annoying fly. No offence fly… I admire your sticky devotion to keep returning but seriously enough, it’s getting old and people are really growing tired of you… I’m sure you can find some nice garbage dump or sewage line to love and cling to… You definitely don’t belong here and we don’t want to have to endlessly humiliate you… just savor what’s left of your pride and … Be Gone.

I elevate your heart close to my lips and whisper something… Before I’m done your heart starts beating like mad, jolting in my hands elatedly. I calm it down with antiseptic strokes from my tongue reaching for crests and curves… your heart tones down. The taste of your blood on my tongue makes my own blood rush to throbbing vicinities making me warm.

It’s done.

I deftly place your heart back in your chest and seal the wound shut with compassion- before an infection hits again. Your eyes flutter as you regains consciousness… looking at me as your blurred vision fades. You seize me from the collar with your fingers resting on the scruff of my neck… You glowed with desire and want; love trickled down your body. You were stunning. You knew what you wanted. You knew who possessed you.

I bent down and kissed you deeply.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on September 18, 2009.

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