decision making hard choice

Imagine you’re on the edge of a cliff
And you decide to loosen your grip on life…
On the way down
Which way would you rather be facing?
Would you rather be looking back up to the sky with no idea when the end is going to hit… Just kick back and enjoy the ride?
Would you rather go face first right up to the moment when everything cuts to black, knowing that this second… is your last?

I’d want to see it coming.

… Now….

This is a decision I have to come to myself
I can’t just ride this out and accept the default answer

Predictable doesn’t always mean boring
Lust doesn’t always mean love
Near doesn’t always mean close

New doesn’t always mean exciting
Different doesn’t always mean better
Far doesn’t always mean distant

Knowing everything doesn’t make you wise
Knowing the truth doesn’t make you superior
Knowing your problem doesn’t solve it

Sitting between your past and your future doesn’t mean you’re in your present…

A choice has to be made, regret it or not…

I choose to be alone
I choose to jump face first; to not just kick back and enjoy the ride
I choose neither my future nor my past… but my present… my Now…

What if there is no black and white in this world?
No good and no evil?
No right and no wrong?

What if there are no lies… and no truth?

What may be a lie to one person may be a “completely true” for another

It’s called relativism

I am where I am.
Things are how they are.

That’s that.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on August 5, 2009.

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