Alcohol + Valium = Creativity


Passionless mind flow….

Like a surgeon slicing a mind open to find the parts that work together.
Is it god that holds it together?
Is it the devil who tears it apart?
Is it possible
Neither lived long enough to care

The simpleton stands in the waiting room
Hoping the monster will have good table manners

Is the simpleton desperate?
Will the monster respond typically?
Not believing in heaven or hell
Curriculums or war


The only worthy action
Is to let the monster
Be as it will..

But this is not a simpletons way
The simpleton must force change
To fit between the lines
Of spoon-fed morality

There is no morality concerning the monster

The futility of arrogance
The boring hand
Of late night lotharios
Pretending to be complicated wretches


Is the monster ugly?
Or is its refusal to submit beautiful?
The textured magnificence of sadness

Are there things of this world which one cannot lose?
Take the monster home
When it breaks the dinner table in two
Maybe then, it wont matter anymore

Assuming there is something TO aspire to
Whether becoming or unbecoming
The beauty of unpredictability
Mocks the travesty of desire

~ by Disturbed Stranger on July 16, 2009.

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