My heart jumped in my chest!
Sitting upright in a bed full of sweat
Looking around in unmitigated darkness
Adrenaline pumping pulling me out of bed


Creeping stealthily whilst turning corners
An open window

I jump out groundlessly
landing on a bed of tingling cool grass
My heart feels light
I smile and turn my head to get a whiff of its salubrious scent
Spreading my arms and legs… fluttering in elation

I get up and run barefoot towards the woods

twilight woods



I can see my way through the entwinement of leafless branches
I scamper on the bodies of dead crispy leaves
The earth becomes damper and colder
A trickling sound, close by yet not strident to the proximate quietness
A steady river

A beast on the other side of the river is disturbed by my presence
It lifts its head- dripping mouth- and stares at me with fiery eyes
After stare-skirmish it retreats into the bushes
I walk into the river cleansing my feet; a leaf cuddled between my toes floats away

I wave goodbye

I lay my body down but it quickly bobs up in buoyancy!
Exhilaration rushes through my body keeping me warm
Ears submerged I hear the rushing of water… or my blood…
I cannot tell which,
I just keep my eyes on the partially illuminated moon

~ by Disturbed Stranger on July 14, 2009.

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