Miracle: A Series of Signs


I remember we used to come here regularly when this place first opened. We’d sit here all morning in the dark whilst you pour your heart out, and I’d tease- taking everything lightly- as usual. The fish knew all our secrets and God if they could talk … The shark was your favourite… you’d press your hands and face against the glass and he’d come right over; you took advantage of his ill-fated position and tormented him.

I am here alone now… and you… you are buried under the lonely sands of time. It’s been 4 years since you left me and this God forsaken world. Time goes by… hour after hour… I soon lose track of time… I am lost in thought… drifting off at sea… sinking in the infinite dark blue, it gets darker, I suffocate trying to find you and soon I am out of breath. The shark approaches me, I am petrified! There are no boundaries now, nothing to separate us. I freeze under the warm water. I shut my eyes really tight- this will be over in a minute and then… I will see you… We will be reunited.

Nothing happens.

I slowly open one eye to take a peek… And there he is standing right in front of me with massive grinning jaws- my blood turns cold and I could feel my veins refusing to pump any more blood around my body: “no point” my mind alleges. An awkward pause. Then… The shark… asks about you…
I feel nauseous but I tell him… I tell him you’ve found your own sea to haunt- a vast blue just for you.
And you know… I could’ve sworn I saw his eyes water.
… With that he swims away.
I suddenly realize my urge for oxygen as I am left floating on my own. I flutter relentlessly to reach some sort of exit.
I see a hazy image of me standing behind the glass… and with my last breath I throw myself with immense force against the glass.
A rain of shattered diamonds bounces of the soft ground.

When I open my eyes again I see the shark staring from behind the glass. A familiar voice comes from behind me.
“Disturbed? Is that you?”
It was R… The closest I could come to you… We were both here on the same day to revive your memory.

A series of miracles occurred on that very same day… And I know it changed my life forever.

As we left the building together… I realized… I was soaking wet.


In memory of our dear friend A, wherever you are we hope you’re happy
Welcome back R, thank you for your forgiveness

~ by Disturbed Stranger on June 18, 2009.

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