When words refuse to come out…

When eyesight freezes…

When ears are deafened…

When words are difficult to comprehend…

When joints immobilize… and a body dies…

When the heart becomes heavy… and the soul drifts away…

You are still alive- you know you are because you are still breathing- but you know you are dead because you are not living.


To reach out your hand to an empty space…

To talk out aloud to an empty space…

To know what emptiness sounds like…

To have only your knees to hug…

To pat yourself with your own hand… and to hear comforting words only from your own voice…

To have your shadow as your only companion…

To hope for but not expect…

To dream and not dare want…

To beg for and not get…

To be looked down upon, degraded and belittled…

To be asked for so much when you have so little…

To be cast aside…

To have always been cast aside… From birth… and now… till death

You become immune..

Nothing new but the renewal of pain.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on April 1, 2009.

39 Responses to “Abandoned”

  1. I see this piece through voice of the child in the photo, now an adult and looking back. Sad and dark, but sadly, darkly true.

  2. Hmm, suddenly there you are and I have to say, rarely am I moved by someone elses words..

    Dig it..

  3. Hope
    is as hollow as

  4. To choose to see light in the mist of darkness

    To grasp onto that which cannot be seen, but can only be felt…

    To give love even when love is not returned…

    To embrace the allness of everything. . .

    To live. . .

  5. That is very clear and strong and perfectly articulated. You have captured the essence of that state of being, isolation. Great work.

  6. what to say what to say i asked myself. theres noone but meherenow, and i just heard the cries of a bird caught in the fangs of a cat, its allover for that bird, i knew, but i wonder about me and emptiness and you………

  7. Painfully beautiful, Disturbed Stranger.
    I feel that little girl in the picture.

  8. Nice words stranger, and I liked the Farewell post, very sad but good

  9. Wonderful. And you captured it perfectly. I speak from my own real life experiences with family. This is exactly what it feels like and what happens. It is like being the walking dead for sure and it changes you forever.

  10. Beautiful. Painful. And so accurately right on the spot.

  11. It is through abandonment…either walking from or being walked from…that we learn if we keep eyes open, that isolation is a state where there can be beauty if we will but be open to it. We see that there are present possibilities and not sorrows born on the wings of “what was” clutched in the talons of “what if.”

    I do like these words of yours…very much. Thank you for them.

  12. Beautifully sad. Wonderful picture accompaniment! It amazes me how beauty can come from pain but then everything must have an outlet. And I wish I were immune to so many things but then I’d by lying if I said I were. **sigh**

  13. gotta second and third harmonie and poetic grin. this touched a small, lonely place i haven’t really checked out since i was a child, and i don’t think it stemmed from the picture but the words themselves.

  14. Pure melancholia is an easy choice followed by dreadfully tough consequences.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful peice.

    “Happiness is not a situation to be longed for, or a convergence of lucky happenstance. Through the power of our own minds, we can help ourselves.” ~ Wayne Coyne

  15. Darkly beautiful.

  16. finally a post open to comments, but left me thinking

  17. Intay shnu hal-fanatiiiq?! that was really good

  18. Well written…hauntingly beautiful!

    No one is truly alone..the whole universe is within each of us.
    It often takes abandonment to discover this..I am speaking from experience, beginning in childhood.

    Thank for sharing your gift of words and for BEing.

  19. Funny I was thinking along the same lines yesterday, but you said it perfect and left nothing to leave, it was stark and powerful and life

  20. Wow. Just Wow.

  21. You’ve captured the feeling of being alone very well. It reminds me of children who are abandoned, but as gypsy-heart said we are never truly alone.

    Wonderful read and thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog.

  22. Jeez ! Now I feel disturbed !!!

  23. We are as vulnerable as a sparrow in the wind. It is when the heart dies,that you are no longer alive.

  24. You’re so creative and live in deep places of thought. Your poetry and your photos are both compelling. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  25. Very intense and sad.

  26. Wrenchingly beautiful.

  27. bravo and the imagae – stunning as well

  28. To read of another’s pain and hope to hell it’s fictional.

  29. Damn, you brought my past dead voice back to life

    It all boils down to this part:

    “To be looked down upon, degraded and belittled”

    Kill people who do this to you, and you kill the voice of abandonment.

    Enjoyed reading this, thanks…good to have you back…and a bit off topic…LOVE your choice of pics for your posts. Where do you find them?

  30. The feeling of abandonment is truly felt in this poem. I feel very sad for the person who’s feeling this and in that situation.

    Excellently written.

  31. :”(

  32. Yes thank you sunshine.. that brightened up my day lol.. Not one of my favourite pieces but satisfactory.. my criticism is that it was abit too blunt not very descriptive didn’t really feel it. not your best piece stranger but a piece non the less (stop putting comments off on everything else :( we wanna comment)

  33. i think these stories are really super good and they all make sense too me lol…. hardly anything makes sense to me anymore.

  34. One word, amazing .

  35. Dear one, you seem to be going through a very tough time, dark, painful and seemingly endless.

    I would worry more if you didn’t have this outlet. You are very talented, and you have a lot of life ahead of you. No matter how you feel right now, things can turn around in a heartbeat, and you can be happier than you ever dreamed possible. I’ve seen it happen in my own life. It can happen in yours.

  36. i’m gonna double up on intixpatr and say hang on. keep writing, and hang on.

  37. I will triple up on that one.
    I enjoy your writing my dear, never stop!

  38. <3 love u

  39. i wish i could comment on this writing some ‘BIG’ words but after reading this i dont have words to express myself…i will just directly say i m in love wid ur writings….keep writing…

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