Deprived Hope

With each step the autumn leaves rustled under her boots. The wind blew more crispy leaves towards her… tangling and blending in her coiled auburn hair. The sky seemed somewhat picturesque as the sun forced its rays through the thick smoky clouds.. The air was rich with a rather peculiar blend of scents… leaves.. Branches… evaporating drops of rain from earlier morning’s drizzle. Pleasure with each step she took. Finally, a halt. There he was. A peaceful creature. She couldn’t help stop the excitement in her heart as it was prancing in delight. She had walked every day through the same park, taking the same steps, and every day he would be right there waiting for her. Sitting motionless for her… allowing her to feast her gaze upon him and admire his striking appearance. He could feel her there… he always felt her there… and there she stood devouring his exterior… curious to explore more than what she just sees. Interesting how the closest people to you can crush you by breaking their promise or failing to work up to your expectations. Amazing he was. He never failed to meet her expectations. She expected him there every time she passed by… and every time she passed by there he was indeed. Hers. Only hers to take pleasure in. She smiled to herself, wishing he could see her smile… wishing he had seen her gestures every time she walked by. But as usual he seemed motionless, hidden behind his dark sunglasses. Deprived she thought to herself as she walked closely past his bench carefully avoiding tripping over his cane… he couldn’t even admire her figure as she walked away… Deprived he thought to himself as he carefully listened to the sound of her boot diminishing…Both not knowing that they’re already connected…

~ by Disturbed Stranger on October 14, 2008.

80 Responses to “Deprived Hope”

  1. Why wish for what’s not to be when what’s there provides this unexplainable connection? They’re both deprived, I see that, but not for lacking anything. They’re deprived because they fail to appreciate what they have: this special connection, contrived.

    Beautifully written. And beautiful link to autumn, a usual reference to things nearing their end. Of gloom and sadness, at least in fiction. Much like the gloom here is fictional.

    “Only hers to take pleasure in.” She should count her blessings instead of grieving because a blind man can’t see.

  2. Saw your comment on a blog…tresspassed…felt disturbed…hope we connect

  3. A strange blending of hope and hopelessness. Even hopelessness has hope in it. Great piece.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Would you mind if I blogroll you?


  4. A lovely and evocative piece of writing.

  5. Oh, and welcome back.

  6. waiiiiiiiiiiii sho3ooor eykhwef ;X

    Welcome back 7ayaty :*** missed u :****

  7. Awww at the end they are connected thats what matters :D

  8. Excellent paragraph.

    Love your header and the contrast of the bright fall path.

  9. wow quite poignant!

    deprived we all r…in many ways…


  10. the bittersweet taste fits the autumn setting perfectly. a good one.

  11. So beautifully written,one doesnt know whether either of them is deprived…connected yes,and what a description

  12. I can almost smell the autumn decay. Excellent imagery.

  13. That’s a very cool short short story, great twist in the tale and the gentlest of ideas.

  14. hanan- You’re not deprived when you can’t see what you want? Appreciation for the connection might be there, or else why bother with the meetings everyday, but deprived because that connection can’t be “fully” enjoyed and developed.

    ceedy- “trespassed” and “felt disturbed”? We’ll connect just fine ;) Welcome here

    Talking to My Soul- Thank you my dear and yes you may, it would be my pleasure.

    Iceel- Thank you for your compliment… it’s disturbing to be back.

    Palomino- It is, isn’t it? And thanks babe ;***

    Amu- Well well well… What have we here? A “Happily Ever After” person, eh? ;)

    wrjones- Thank you and welcome to my blog!

    Keshi- Amen to that!

    jason- Yes it does, thank you.

    CU- Don’t you see how they are deprived?

    Pure Evyl- And doesn’t it just smell good? ;)

    Paul- why thank you Paul…

  15. It’s good to see you back. I have been watching this space keenly, and your return is a brilliant one.

  16. It is. Deprived that is. But that’s looking at the negative side of it only. Why stress on the deprivation rather than the connection. Why call it Deprived Hope? Maybe hopeful deprivation? :)

  17. First things first, Welcome Back! You’ve been missed…someone’s been counting the days :)
    This piece was very moving and the last line took my breath away! I loved the way you wrote this, with such tasteful and riche’ wording. Perfect timing too…that what the weather looks like all around my neck of the woods. *applause*

  18. Why creature and not person? Hmm..

  19. I think you should write a sequel where the chick walks by one day and hes got Mr.Winky hangin out. Or maybe he could quote the Silence of the Lambs line and say “I can smell your ****” and then throw some **** on her.

    Welcome back.

  20. I am not sure I get it — is he blind? Beautiful words by the way.

  21. You are back…YEAH! You have been missed.

    So beautiful..I hope we see them again.

  22. I feel their sadness and disappointment of not being able to completey connect with each other. They could start talking to each other. Who knows where that might lead after that?

    Excellent prose.

  23. we are all connected, indeed. simply lovely.
    hope you’re well and rejuvenated.

  24. It would be great if he was just pretending to be blind; staring hard at her gestures from behind his shades :P

    But really, very beautiful.

    Welcome back hon :******

  25. Brad- Thank you, I’m really glad to be back.

    hanan- The irony is so thick here I almost choked on it!! “Why stress on the deprivation rather than the connection”? & “why not look on the positive side rather than negative”? loool. Really? Can YOU? ;*

    naughtycorner- Good to know I was missed ;*
    “what the weather looks like all around my neck of the woods.” Lucky you?

    amethystos- To get you to think… lol it seems to be working since you’re “hmmm-ing” ;)

    MiseryMarketing- And how’ve you been? ;) Welcome here. lol love the sequel… but our guy is, unfortunately, blind… What if he misses his target and his **** ends up on an innocent bystander?

    Agnes- Yes dear, he is ;) and thank you.

    Queen of the Universe- Thank you luv ;* and you just might see them again… who knows?

    tashabud- Finally! Someone who understands their agony, well done. And talking isn’t always good… “some people look intelligent before you hear them speak”… Ironically, they could have the perfect relationship just the way they are!

    harmonie22- I am, thank you!

    Dr.Know- You’re a freak. No need to say more. And thanks ;***

  26. Hi ,

    Interesting post. ..wish there were more..what happened next? I am curious.

    Keep posting.

  27. I love the description at the beginning.. I kind of like the idea of this story.. No real “disturbingness” Good work and welcome back :D

    Not like that makes a difference for me :(

  28. Shut up. You’re disturbed so just shut up. (I hate you) :*
    And I love Misery’s comment. Misery must know you to have used an example from Silence of the Lambs. Yeah, come to think of it. Your writing is a sure indication that misery knows you well :)

  29. And so they are. . . .connected. Beautiful story. Welcome back!

  30. Welcome back. Don’t ever leave again. We were deprived the past 3 weeks.
    Fantastic plot.

  31. Do you know that the best sexmates are blind ppl?

    I think she has something planned for him.

    welcome back :*:*:*:*:*

  32. Oooh, delicious – nice little tease at the end. The backdrop of the color of the season contrasted beautifully with the twist.

  33. Well, DS it is nice to have you back. I hope your trip was a pleasant one.

    Beautiful image and once again you painted with your words.
    We must be dwelling in the same energy zone right it blind connections? Somehow I find this disturbingly comforting.:)

  34. I love it! love it! love it!

    simply amazing.

  35. The ending was totally unexpected! ga63tay galby :'(

    welcome back beautiful stranger ;* I missed you SO MUCH!

    Did you get my package? ;p

  36. I like that it has hope, maybe one day, they will speak to each other? anyway it’s a wonderful read

  37. sad

    beautiful images and extraordinary descriptions.

    good to have you back.

  38. like Jena Isle said…will there be a continuation of the story? Will the two realize the other is as important to the other?
    Will they realize they look on after one another?
    Will they talk to one another?
    So many unanswered resolutions…
    I’d love to find out!

  39. Blind people are good in bed?
    Is it because they don’t point out flaws or because their senses are heightened?
    Or could it be because you can fuck with the lights on and it’s all the same as if they’re off…


  40. Jena Isle- Hey… hmmm… What DID happen next? I didn’t really go that far :)

    L- Aawwww… you’ll be back soon.. *gulp*

    hanan- Misery is my miserable acquaintance just like I’m his disturbed acquaintance! Too bad he’s married though :P

    cordieb- Thank you dear!

    Homeless Man Speaks- But I like it when others are deprived ;)

    Viper- Of course I know wiseass ;) and that’s none of your concern.

    writerchick- Hey you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for dropping by.

    gypsy-heart- Well that makes two of us… I like this one. My trip was disturbing thanks for asking!

    Skittles- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :D

    celesto- I guess that’s the purpose of the story! I missed you more :*
    And well… I didn’t actually get it..but I got what it was… Thank you very much… that was really thoughtful :*

    lissa- Maybe…
    Welcome to my blog!

    Ancrene Wiseass- Thank you

    naughtycorner- Firstly, lol! Those are a lot of questions! To be entirely honest, I haven’t really thought of a continuation…hmmm… should I? You think?
    Secondly, Yes, some of them make outstanding bed-buddies! Because they can’t see you they can’t have enough of touching you! literally! Substituting… you see? When they’re done… not a single inch of your body is left untouched, unsmelt, untasted! They explore 10 times more than an average man does… They have a devoted sense of exploring that is mentally transformed into uncontrollable cravings that result in complete pampering & satisfaction! ;)

  41. Wow! Great stuff.
    I really liked it.

  42. amazing, ds. you grasp the nuances of human feelings and
    the air of unknowable, we all waltz by, around and thru.

  43. I like you reply to naughtycorner, the second part specifically ;P

    It’s the old you, I love it! It’s been a while :(

  44. *”your” not “you”

    3alshan mu tef’97ina ba3ad ;p

  45. welcome back : )

    lovely as always.

  46. Very touching, deprived is a good descriptive, the images certainly add to the feeling.

  47. hmm…you seem so attentive to strangers

  48. Welcome back, ur time away changed the mood…which is good

  49. F- I’m glad you do!

    Jade- That was beautifully put… Thank you.

    Viper- You mean “youR” not “you” (I’ll say it anyway :P )
    And the old me is dead… get over it :*

    Vixenfatale- Thanks hon!

    Jack Clarke- Welcome to my blog, where darker emotions are encouraged… And thank you.

    sajins- Well, Stranger is my middle name… Hmmmm… Actually it’s my last name… but you get the idea ;)

    Adrenaline- “Changed the mood, which is good?”- What’s that supposed to mean, eh? -_-

  50. Thank God you’re back in one piece!! :s I was worried sick!!! Uffff!

    Great work by the way

  51. Less dark ;-)

  52. She expected him there every time she passed by… and every time she passed by there he was indeed. Hers. Only hers to take pleasure in. <<< I loved this part
    loved it all :)
    and wlc back :D

  53. Hey DS, Beautiful as always, your writing fills me with hope and ideas, more color and shadow to you!!

  54. Oh this definitely needs a second part. I mean, please can we have a follow up? :P
    Genius build up!

    Visit my blog!

  55. You’ve outdone urself Stranger !!!

  56. This makes my soul long for rain.

  57. How do you do it? I really wonder how you can write this beautifully . This post made me smile at the end. Beautiful photo to go with it.

  58. I Love the idea that sometimes you touch people so deeply and not even know it

  59. so well written. i feel happy and sad…

  60. Ah stranger. The habits we create eventually will create us. You know that falling into writing is disturbing.

  61. mental challenge- Well I’m fine… so chill!

    Adrenaline- “less dark”? That must have been boring ;)

    Balqees- I’m glad you enjoyed it! And thank you hon!

    Mental Mist- Thank you, that means a great deal…

    Elijah- I’ll reconsider a sequel… And just visited… gloomy.. good job ;)

    7awwa- Thank you!

    randall- I absolutely love rain!

    Heidi- I just put a pen to a paper and watch the artistic movements of my hand… then of course I type it and post it ;) and thank you dear.

    The.I.inside- “touch people so deeply”- how interesting… thank you…

    irtiza- Mixed feelings then? hmmm… how undogmatic…

    sajins- Welcome back! And how so true…

  62. Hey welcome back :D

    Till i got to the dark glasses part, i thought that creature was a stray dog :)

    Why is it that sometime we feel much more connected to familiar strangers than we do with those who supposedly know us? Hmmm, maybe coz familiar strangers are’t fooled by the mask we wear.

  63. What a beautifully written piece on connections … real and imaginary … known and unknown. No matter how different we are on the outside, we all have experienced the construction and demolition of hope.

  64. welcome back…..!!
    i m in love wid ur writings now…don’t make it too long to write another post.. :D

  65. wow, i’m intrigued by ur writing once again.
    i like the twist at the end.
    Its amazing how we can connect so strongly with people we hardly know in person.. I think its our perceptions of them and our selective imagination that keeps that connection strong.

  66. well written! kudos!

  67. fantastic post.
    your blog is one of the most interesting ones around.

  68. deprived. isn’t that something we all feel one time or another.

    He could feel her there… but could he feel her smile. I hope he could.

  69. Oh! I so like your last line:

    “Both not knowing that they’re already connected…”


  70. This post set me thinking….

    Love to hope
    Hope to love
    What use is hope when it is deprive?
    Then again maybe because we are deprive
    Hence we hoping.

  71. Darya- or maybe because they ARE fooled by the masks we wear… So there is comfort in being with someone who’s clueles about your… dirty little secrets? ;)

    Fitch- And what a gagging feeling it is!

    unbreakable- Thank you… not too long I hope!

    atoona- That’s almost so true… We are incredibly odd creatures, aren’t we?

    paspasero- Thank you.. and welcome to my blog!

    Fury- Many thanks Fury! I’m more than pleased to have you as a reader!!

    almost loved- An inevitable feeling… And, I bet he could…

    brainteaser- Why thank you my dear, I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    Lovely blog you got there by the way!

    enemy- The two are a packaged pair you see…

  72. Ah yes, “connecting,” or feeling a disconnect — how similar these can be. Eleanor has had her own “missed connection with the world,” but now is back at it, finding her way to her own truth. “I am me,” Eleanor says. “I know that much. And I just need to keep telling my Biographer this, so he gets the words down in the proper order.”

    Each of us has a story, and when we finally do make that connection with even one other person, it’s a kind of enlightenment, yes?

  73. great blog, keep it up, and dont forget to pass by my blog;p ,tc

  74. Hey… I know this post is in the wrong place and stuff.. but where have you been… you haven’t posted a commentable post in a while!! :( come on you have hungry readers waiting for a good story to bite in! we miss you Disturbed!!!!

  75. I have to admit that I have looked askance once or twice at the memes doing the rounds in our blogosphere, so I wasn’t immediately sure about whether or how to respond when Dave at Pics and Poems tagged me with the challenge to provide seven unusual facts about myself. I have a couple of secrets to get off my chest though, and that seems like reason enough to participate.
    It is with a certain level of perverse pleasure that I have chosen you to help carry the torch forth. Tell us all 7 unusual facts about yourself and then pass the challenge on to another 7 lucky bloggers. And remember, Dave made me do it.

  76. Geoff and Eleanor- I wouldn’t know… I haven’t “connected” to anyone yet…

    zuz- Welcome to my blog and thanks.

    L- :*********************************

    Brad- hmmm.. Yo have to give me time to come up with some… I’ll post them soon, and thank you for the opportunity, very thoughtful.

  77. She deos not act to develop the potential relationship because she’s afraid of scaring the “peaceful creature” away. The “peaceful creature” did not act because he was afraid of scaring her away and for good.

  78. As many have expressed before me…..

    A perfect rendering of the moment, of the bond…

  79. but what’s one to do? they already emotionally acknowledge the other’s presence, in solitude of themselves, but should they physically acknowledge it as well?

    let’s say they do, will he still be percieved as amazing as he always was?

  80. Greetings from Iran

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