Living with Consequences

She was attacked. Raped. She knew her attacker. He was twice her age. Twice her size. But half her spirit. The event didn’t traumatize her as much as it should have. She just got up, brushed herself and kept walking. It killed him. It killed him to see her walk over him, to see he couldn’t break her. He had lost… and by standing strong and letting it slide, she had won. The only guilt that resided in her heart was fear of that cruelty being inflicted on other women by him. But she honestly believed she would allow his violence to continue before saying anything. Fear of saying anything? It’s the old morality tale of the death-ray and the elderly Chinaman. Do you know it?
A rich man shows you a death-ray machine and promises you a million Pounds if you push the button. The bad news is an old man in China will die if you do; the good news is no one will know it was you who killed him. The victim will be the only loser. His family are tired of looking after him, and pray regularly for his death, while you have only the rich man’s word that the machine can kill anyone – let alone a man you’ve never met. You have three choices: press the button and spend the rest of you life a million Pounds richer, convinced the whole thing is a scam…press the button and spend your life a million Pounds richer, with murder on your conscience…or refuse to press the button and forgo the million Pounds. Which do you choose?
I think the moral is that the first choice is impossible because there is no such thing as a free lunch. You will always be plagued by doubt about its being a scam, and the rich man will always own your soul. The second and third choices are the only honest ones – to accept payment for murder, with all its consequences, or to refuse.
She was trying to implement the first choice. Take the reward (being left alone; not harassed and threatened anymore) and convince herself that she has no responsibility for anyone else’s attack – but she failed because it was not the choice she made. She opted for number two – took the reward, knowing full well she had a responsibility, but hoping she could live with the consequences. She couldn’t do either. Not because her conscience is pricking her – it’s been pretty much dead since she had switched her energy to isolation and silence –  but because her loved ones were involved. Perhaps we can all kill from a distance – it’s how we fight war now – but it’s different when we know the faces of the victims.

~ by Disturbed Stranger on September 6, 2008.

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  1. wow. that is…wow.

  2. Powerful and thoughtful prose. You’ve got a great strong voice.

  3. we cannot remove our selves due to disappointment
    every choice is the right one we just has to see it

  4. my your photos.. writing.. it is all beautiful. thank you for the comment. glad you love the church of bret.. dont we all? LOL
    i will add you to my blogroll. take care *hugs*

  5. It’s true. We call all kill from a distance.

    I love it. The photo goes well.

  6. Living with consequences is easier than facing the music.

  7. Extremely thought provoking. There are choices I have made in my past, consequences I thought I could live with, and then just when I think “I’m over it” – the consequences rip open the healing wound to remind me once again that “no, I cannot.”

  8. such a strong piece

  9. A rape victim can’t walk away and let it slide. It’s an event, like many on one’s life, that scar deeply. It’s a scar one has to learn to live with, and not under the pretense of walking away of letting it slide. But it’s true that the assailant is the one who loses, always.

    And a rape victim is not in a position to think of others, to do what’s best for others. To be self-absorbed in one’s own pain because the pain is not bearable does not make one guilty.

    As for the story. I’d be too scared to hit the button even if I find it impossible to believe I can cause someone else’s death that easily and that precisely, mainly because whoever gives me the choice of killing another cannot be trusted to be telling me the truth.


  10. Now be a good girl and delete that final and, and change the on to an in in “like many on one’s life” before you accept that comment :*

  11. I find it easier to carry my own pain than to contemplate the possibility of another’s. I often wonder if courage will appear when necessary.

    Devastingly honest this piece, clear quiet relatable power, you really have a way about you

  12. I wouldn’t hit the button. My guilty conscience would consume me and then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy spending the million pounds anyway.

  13. jason- Thank you.

    nathan1313- Thank you and welcome to my blog.

    rawdawgbuffalo- That’s because you don’t want to live with a guilty conscience…

    Jobthingy- Yes we do ;) Thank you and welcome to my blog… Love yours, very laid back ;)

    Amethystos- Yes we can, you should try it sometime…

    Essentially Me- That’s not necessarily true..

    Fitch- Yes that can be troublesome…

    eshda3wa- Thank you and welcome here.

    Hanan- Firstly, I understand the points you’re trying to make, but see you don’t know what it feels like to be put in that position. What you’re stating now is the mere assumption of how that person would/should feel after the event. Undergoing that suffering would definitely change one’s perspective and way of dealing or not dealing with pain. It changes a person… and sometimes it just leaves that person paralyzed… and with it their emotions and conscience.
    Secondly, I know you’d never hit the button ;) your conscience would throw a fit!
    Thirdly, for keeping both comments: I love it when a person sees their mistakes, especially one who claims to be perfect ;)

    la lunatique- You’d be surprised to know that, unfortunately, courage never appears when you need it or expect it the most; instead you find yourself cowardly submitting to fear.
    Thank you for your compliment.

    Almost loved- Well I guess it’s good to know someone still has a conscience… But is it really worth a million pounds? ;)

  14. There’s a fourth choice – kill the person making the offer so the choice is never presented to anyone else. Because it’s a dilemma no one should ever have to face.

  15. ok that post is beyond powerful.. it made me think of the 3 choices for god know how much yet can’t find a good answer the meet my morals, consequences and Fakka from the tuff situation.. man you know how to confuse me in a good way of course

  16. Excellent post that I often hesitate to comment cuz I feel are comments can not cover ur post…ur pics are really beautiful :)

  17. Talking to loved ones about these “sufferings” helps alot, and sometimes talking to them about it again and again everytime it was necessary, even if a while has passed obn the event, is vital. Never hesitate to talk to those you love and trust, they’re always there for you :*

  18. Wonderfully written, courageous and ferociously intelligent. Don’t think about it, just kill the bastard.

  19. I’d kill the guy, grab the money and give it to the poor coz it’s blood money and I don’t want any of it! ;)

    Beautifully written, a different side of you!

  20. Eleanor says, “What does it take to become a disturbed stranger?”

    Eleanor thinks on this for a few minutes.

    Eleanor says, “I suppose I’m disturbed, too. I’ll tell this to my biographer, so he knows, so he can put it in my story. Eleanor is disturbed! Ha!”

    Eleanor says, “I hope you don’t think I am making a joke about anything. I am learning my own way in a world that isn’t mine yet. I guess that’s what I’m doing. I think so, at least.”

    Eleanor says, “I’m going to introduce all of the other characters in The Spirit House to your site. There’s something about this place — that is comforting.”

    Eleanor says, “Am I a contradiction? I know I am, sometimes.”

    Eleanor says, “When I say comforting, I mean, we can find warmth in the dark places. It’s the fear that holds us back. It’s the fear that’s cold.”

    Eleanor says, “Earlier today, I was screaming. Now I need to be quiet.”

    Eleanor says, “Thank you for listening to me. Not many people keep their eyes so wide open. Everybody wants to stare the other direction.”

    Eleanor wonders, “Is there a contradiction in this too?”

    Eleanor says, “I won’t sleep tonight, not as long as I keep thinking.”

    This Side of Paradise

  21. Iceel- Hmmm… That’s an option I suppose but a guilty conscience for committing murder still remains…

    Fadidra- I’m all about confusing… “in good ways” ;) Glad you’re confused!

    Amu- Never hesitate about doing anything… you’ll miss out on a lot that way ;)

    Queen N- I know. Thank you for everything :**

    Paul- He’s already dead. Thank you.

    Chris- Easy Robin Hood ;)

    Geoff & Eleanor- Deliciously disturbing!!!
    Welcome to the dark side, stay as long as you like, this is your home from now on…
    And not able to sleep the night?- Welcome to my life… where Insomnia rules!

  22. I swear I commented on this…maybe too much red wine for :(

    I would not take the money. I do believe in karma..I’ve experienced in my own life..sometimes unpleasantly so! :O

    I so agree about war…each side feels passionate and it just depends on where you were born as to which side you’re on. ‘Tis easier to kill without seeing the faces…yet even unknown faces still haunt the killers…for energies need no face.

    As usual, powerful image and dark words with message and mystery…thank you.

  23. Powerful thinking, Disturbed Stranger, and powerful writing. Powerful dilemma.

    I couldn’t push the button.

    I could walk away. Many women do. It’s a different dilemma. In Kuwait, for example, reporting to the police could endanger the reputation of your family, the eligibility of sibling’s marriage, or is that old thinking? Maybe that is no longer true?

  24. A philosophy of choice…You paved the pieces intelligently and made me think deeply…Strong writing!

  25. “Perhaps we can all kill from a distance – it’s how we fight war now – but it’s different when we know the faces of the victims.”
    wow…wat a thought.!
    well done

  26. I don’t claim to be perfect :) I am perfect :*
    And I’m not claiming to understand the exact feelings of a person wronged so severely. But I still insist that pretending that the pain is gone and that you can walk away freely is a defense mechanism that is natural, but not beneficial to the healing process. I agree with Queen N on this one. Talk about it rather than sweep it under the rug.

  27. insightful. never heard of a woman getting back at a rapist,
    by not being destroyed, but yes that would do it in many cases
    since rape is about power, the ultimate bully act

  28. I am speechless. You truly managed to capture something huge in such a short piece. I’m in love with all your female heroines. Something about them reminds me of people that I know.

    Keep writing :*

  29. gypsy-heart- Ease off the wine then ;) A karma believer eh? How’s that working for you?

    intlxpatr- No,unfortunately, it’s not old thinking… It still is the case. Thank you.

    hayat- I’m glad it did! Thank you and welcome here.

    unbreakable- Well I’m a wow-er ;)

    hanan- So much for your perfection then ;) and you and Queen N can keep your wonderful advice…

    Jade- Yes, it works in most cases. Thank you and welcome to my blog.

    Hussain- Thank you dear :*

  30. I probably would push the button and live in denial :) good old denial!

  31. I wouldn’t push the button. The man sounds like Dr.Frankenstein! I’d probably run screaming!

    You really caught my attention.

    check your email.

  32. you always do such interesting takes on things, ds. i wonder though if by the very act of her not being affected by the rapist if she didn’t acheive her goal of rendering him impotent right there? if you ruin a bully’s game – he may have to puzzle over whether or not he can play that game anymore. don’t you think?

  33. Love this line: “Perhaps we can all kill from a distance”

    Yes we do, we all do, every single day; by not warning others of rapists’. And we have ALL been raped at some point in our lives: an emotional rape that is.

    Quick question: If all physically raped victims do report their rapists, do you think that would put an end to this crime?

    Regarding the money, I would probably just steal it ;) ;)

  34. In answer to your question…it sucks sometimes! eh, eh, eh

  35. If, having been raped, you get up and walk stonily away, where does the rage, grief, terror and hate go? For you, is keeping all that inside yourself really a way to be victorious?

  36. Eleanor thanks you for the warm welcome, and also for visiting us at “This Side of Paradise.” We’ll keep coming back. Eleanor says your words and the “feel” of this site are “just right.” (High praise from Eleanor.) (And always good to have a home away from home, yes?) May the Muses continue to whisper in your ear.
    Geoff (and Eleanor, who is darting from one shoulder to the other — now she’s headed toward The Spirit House to talk with her other character friends — I think they’re planning a party, so this could be another long night of creativity)

  37. Disturbed stranger, such powerful thoughts, and very difficult moral questions. I hope you’re not in such dilemma. Can’t one just run away from it all? I mean, leave and forget all about the past. Go someplace where no one knows and no one can touch you ever again. Just thinking out loud.

    Take good care of yourself, All the best.

  38. celesto- That never works; it’s easy denying to others but not to yourself.

    Ancrene Wiseass- Check yours ;)

    sarah flanigan- Interesting point. Some rapists would give up; highly unlikely, but mostly they would attempt a second strike. It’s up to the victim not to provoke a second strike; walking over the bully by not being affected, broken, demeaned, degraded or made inferior is “healthy” for the victim therefore considered as acceptable actions, however, exaggerating these actions would only ignite a challenge and increase the chances of a second strike.

    Darya- “If all physically raped victims do report their rapists, do you think that would put an end to this crime?”- I don’t think there is such a thing as an end to a crime. No one is born a rapist or a murderer or a theif they are transformed into ones by one factor or another: society, desperate conditions, mental illnesses and obsessions… etc. And it’s impossible to think that these factors can be prevented.
    As for “by not warning others of rapists”- It’s not as easy as you think; some women are too humilated to report the crime, others fear for their reputations, most feel that they have contributed in the attack (e.g through the way they dress, walk, talk..). Moreover, statistics show that more than 70% of raped women report the crime after they’ve showered, unintentionally erasing most and sometimes all evidence… when questioned the women claimed that they felt “soiled”, so filing the report would have been useless. The process isn’t simple.

    gypsy-heart- I bet it does ;)

    94stranger- “where does the rage, grief, terror and hate go?”- It’s “victorious” when these feelings are not acknowledged… not acknowledging them and be haunted.

    Geoff and Eleanor- Thank you… and thank Eleanor for me ;) hope you enjoy the party.

    Jena Isle- “I hope you’re not in such dilemma”- All characters on this blog are purely fictional :)
    “Can’t one just run away from it all? I mean, leave and forget all about the past. Go someplace where no one knows and no one can touch you ever again. Just thinking out loud.”- Aaaaah what a thought Jena! Yes, that would be ideal.
    Thank you for your encouraging words. God bless!

  39. Amoot oo a3arf el fathy elli msawy el machine!

    I would hit the button without any hesitation! A chinese geezer?! There a billion more of him, literally! So sheno el mushkela?

    As for the whole rape issue yeah it’s a shame we still have sick bastards out there. You discuss the issue bravely and wisely.
    Great job.

  40. Nafs dyman ur amazing mashala:)

  41. You place the reader in a moral dilemma; choosing one’s self over others, who’s a priority and who’s a responsibility. I love all your work. I admire your boldness and courage. I’m enthralled by the way you think.

    Rape is a very fragile issue and you discuss it bluntly but sensitively. I sympathize with the victims.

    You are an extraordinary writer Disturbed Stranger, but more importantly you are an extraordinary person.

  42. Your words left me speechless.
    You’ve out done yourself.

    we need to talk.

  43. Wow. What a thought provoking post. You certainly covered all the angles. It definitely shows that not making a choice is the same as making a choice. I do hope the story was not based on personal experience but I know that rape happens all too often. I will be back. Also, thanks for visiting at my site. Come on by anytime you want a little silliness. :)

  44. Viper- I didn’t doubt that you would ;)

    Palomino- Why thank you my dear…

    Homeless Man Speaks- You flatter me… The feeling is mutual. Thank you for your compliment.

    mental challenge- Well, you know where to find me… ;)

    teeni- My writing is fictional…
    Thanks for dropping by, I will be back to visit ;)

  45. I liked how you wrote about the girl getting up after the brutal molestation and how the attacked felt he had ‘lost’ because she seemed to shrug his violation off as if it didn’t matter. And your rich man analogy,…hmm what would i choose?…i’ll have to think that one over a bit. It’d be nice to roll in the dough but would the regret be something i could live with and not wish i could undo? Let me get out my thinking chair…
    Very nice work DS!

  46. WOW! you have some very powerful posts, I actually can see some of my own thoughts written here yet never spoken! I will be back. :) Thanks for stopping by my place! peace.

  47. I don’t like tis post it brings back so many painful and upsetting thoughts and memories.

  48. You packed a lot to think about in a very short space. Well done.

  49. naughtycorner07- Thank you NC! Come on now, you’ve been in that chair for a while, now let’s hear your answer ;)

    itsallaboutallie- How interesting ;)
    Thank you for dropping by and welcome to my blog!

    j.j- Really? I’m sorry to hear that.

    Karri Compton- “Those victims are not only harmed & humilated by the rapist but by the societies as well. No justice is served for many women.”- Well said!
    Thank you for your compliments Karri! … Although I’m not sure I can handle more people being obsessed in me :P I already have too many on my plate ;)

    Pure Evyl- Thank you… but the question now would be did you actually take the time to think about it? ;)

  50. Well written…

  51. wow! There’s nothing I can say.

    We need to get together btw!

    I would push the button Buthi oo shayib? 6af!

  52. I posted something similar a while back, not as brilliantly expressed though.
    As usual perfect!

  53. Ok Ok – I decided. I’d have to go with choice number three. I just couldn’t blemish my clean slate with a possible, impersonal murder. Yeah it’d be hard to turn away but wouldn’t want to dirty up my conscience with murder. Not very gutsy…but at least I’d be able to sleep at night. I’ll take chances later…

  54. Fantastic work. Bravely presented, stylistically captivating and wisely noted.
    Sheer genius. Your parents must be so proud to have you.

  55. Very mind provoking post. I love your style of writing; I love how you so cleverly compared not reporting a violent personal crime, such as rape, to that of not speaking up about war or any other violence! There are choices and there are consequences; not doing anything is a very real choice indeed. And so often, it is far worst than taking a proactive stance. I once was told, the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference. Again super powerful writing. Thanks so very much for creating and sharing! Peace, Light and Love to you and yours . . . CordieB.

  56. This photo is so beautiful.

    Knowing many women that have been left with this decision, it is never an easy one…

  57. U should consider a cheerful post from time to time ;-)

  58. if i had to save someone i loved i would pick the seconds choice. but other than that, nothing in the world can tempt me to accept an unbelievable amount of money if it means having blood on my hands.

  59. Well written, I am a big fan of Living with Consequences, and i am pretty good at it, or should I say Blocking the Consequences.

  60. When knowing the faces of ur victims, the pain would be that much stronger to cope with….

    A selfless one would choose #3… but then again, there is no free lunch indeed…..

  61. I don’t even know what to say except that this is a very powerful message. You leave me thinking.

  62. You know, an act of rape is never about the sexual act. Its an act of power. You say so much about power and dominance, disturbed Stranger, but so subtly that for a second it almost slipped by me. Very interesting, how the victim went for the money, almost as if she represents the world that stays silent as it is being raped, the killers from afar.


    u have no idea how much amazing it is
    i loved it

  64. but isn’t she a victim herself?

    i loved the story.

  65. Not to drift of topic- and not to sound envious or jealous, but I got to ask- HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET ALL THESE COMMENTS!! I am lucky if I get two comments a week but you my dear- you are swimming in them. Nice work. You should charge a comment fee and you would not have to work.

  66. well if she’s in saudi arabia she better stay quit or else she will get lashed for allowing herself to get raped!

  67. Mythily- Thank you and welcome here.

    q8tia- Then don’t say anything ;) And ok. Let’s get together.

    Elijah- Thank you. I’m sure your post was as significant. Send me the link
    and let¹s compare notes.

    naughtycorner07- That’s good to know ;) I’m proud of you.

    Maclean Patrick- I’m an orphan.

    Cordieb- Indifference is worse than hate. At least with hate you still feel something. Thank you and welcome to my blog. Love your work as well.

    Queen of the Universe: True… Sad but true…

    Adrenaline- Others made similar requests. Maybe when I find something
    cheerful to write about :P

    Sh7afana- So you’d kill someone to save another that you love? What if the one you saved wasn’t worth saving?

    the.I.inside- Blocking? Yes. We seem to have that in common.

    lone.rangeress.63- That’s why it’s easier to kill from a distance. There’s no face to see.

    Heidi- Let me know where your thinking leads you.

    harmonie22- I Don’t know if the victim went for the money. The reward wasn’t any gain. It was just avoiding harm for others.

    Balqees- Thank you for visiting. I’m glad you found it amazing.

    Vixenfatale- Depends on how you see it.

    Randall- I don’t know. I’ll consider your suggestion :)

    Bored- I think that goes for many countries in the area. Not just Saudi. Women usually stay quiet.

  68. Nice analogy. I have, nonetheless, a different take on the situation.

    The victim was not rewarded. “Being left alone; not harassed and threatened anymore” is not a reward; it is, as a matter of fact, a basic right.

    The perpetratore, alas, has been pardoned.

  69. Very powerful post. Yes she wanted to protect her near and dear ones from all the pain which is what usually happens with rape victims even if they have the courage to report it. And as you say, its like killing a chinaman. Its a brilliant analogy. Its my first time at your blog…will be back soon and catch up on your previuos posts.

  70. I like the strength in this one. Not the usual victim is sad and tired.. it’s kinda sad though that this story was told about a rape. but atleast its great :) good job <3

  71. very nice blog…..

  72. Ой, классно :)

  73. Such depth with in your words, great blog. Though the subject matter stings haveing seen a friend go through this. Choices in life are hard but I guess all we can do is work with an honest and open heart

  74. There is much beauty here and much disturbance. Much that I fully agree with and much that I wish to speak about; if only to disseminate the light that reflects from the other side of the coin. The side that we can’t see because we always put an OR between Heads OR Tails. In short, there is much in the shades of grey that I would like to leave behind here, if only as a trail to the massive fan following of your beautiful writing. And before I proceed, thus, that is what I would say first: That beyond the scope of contextual or philosophical alignments, which are always better misaligned for that opens up the space for discussion, your writing continues to be eminently beautiful, profound, succinct and magnetically attractive.

    Now for some food for the thought-hungry people in this audience. (Though it might be late for it to be put on table, but I hope you have a nice vacation till then).

    Suffering, just like BEING happy, peaceful, joyful, loving, etc; just like any state of BEING, is a state of mind. One CAN choose to BE anything if only one is able to convince oneself. That is to say that suffering is not something that happens to us (any circumstance or event), but rather it is the result of the way we choose to React (which is mostly an unconscious choice, resulting from our social conditioning and baggages) to whatever that is happening.

    The exemplary woman in your story (which I hope is fictional) obviously chose NOT to suffer. Which is a strong, beautiful and a commendable choice; and also a choice which though rare, is not altogether an unknown, unheard-of one.

    I am not trying to say that this is a RIGHT choice and the rape-victim who suffers has made a WRONG choice. I am not trying to Judge in the least. In fact, I am merely alluding to your own title – Every choice has consequences. But consequences, unlike punishments, are naturally occurring phenomenon. Punishments are artificial human impositions which spring always from fear, and mostly from a lack of trust (or remembrance) in the very process of life.

    I think you used a beautiful word and I don’t think it was an accident – IT KILLED HIM. Such a choice of hers already has a direct consequence on the perpetrator. It removes the very ground from under their feet which have trampled upon countless individuals.

    [I know I am being too verbose, but I feel compelled to continue. I hope you would forgive me for that.]

    We, as a people, as a society, too often jump at the prevalent and clichéd concepts of revenge and justice without giving them a fresh thought;
    In the context of this example, we proceed (very normally) directly towards the debate of punishing or pointing out the perpetrator. Which is extremely understandable, but it is a choice which springs again from fear, as you said, of protecting others from “suffering” the same crime.
    But we need to pause. tarry. stop. and think about it a bit more. Why? Why did a person commit such an act? What series of events could have caused a person to develop such a world-view that he considered it agreeable to rape? (FOR NO PERSON EVER DOES ANYTHING THAT IS NOT DEEPLY IN TUNE WITH THEIR WORLD-VIEW AT THAT MOMENT). That it didn’t bother him or instigate his conscience to hurt another?
    We jump so hastily towards delivering our limited concepts of justice that we seldom try to understand the perpetrator himself.
    Because if we did, we would realize that it is our own (and our loved ones’) actions that we partake in daily and nonchalantly, our own unobserved, minor perpetrations that add up to create such Frankensteins.

    Just as food for thought, it would do good to see why does the very concept of rape exist? Because our own hypocritically-based society puts a taboo on the most basic, important, natural, and primeval activity/instinct of ours – that which, when partaken in naturally (and not normally) betrays or basic instinct – of making love. Of BEING love. Our social conditioning makes the most natural of our instincts as the most abnormal ones; hiding them behind superstitions and institutions and ceremonies. That the very innocent act of hugging as two innocent kids would do innocently and lovingly becomes a big hype when they grow older (again showcasing natural Vs. normal) (Just as an example.)

    Of course, this is only one out of an infinitum of plausible circumstances that, over a period of time, could cause members of our society to become “disillusioned” by it, turn cynical, and take out their rage in negative manifestations just like the one you beautifully and strongly worded.

    So is it possible, we must ask ourselves, that we are all as responsible for every rape that happens, as the rapist? For most of us, perhaps at least for a fleeting moment, have colluded with our social upbringing and depicted/reacted to human love as a taboo. Whether we put such actions behind veiled justifications of traditions, philosophies, theologies, etcetera then becomes inconsequential. Plain and simple logic of ourselves should be used by ourselves, for ourselves.

    Because, indeed, we MUST always live with consequences. Life ALWAYS has consequences. And so do our everyday actions which we (only too often) dust-off under the carpet.
    And even, then, punishing an “offender” has consequences. It is a perfect example of attacking a symptom instead of healing a disease. Kicking our own feet in order to heal the hurt that our head faced when our feet tripped over steps. It only develops a vicious circle where punishments from both sides ensue, the only thing remaining to observe is the current disposition of the pendulum which has but two extremes.

    We are the ones who create perpetrators. We are the ones who are perpetrated against. We are the ones who then punish those perpetrators, ending up only perpetuating the cycle of perpetration.

    It is thus, that I find the example of a death ray machine and a chinaman a powerful one, but not an exhaustive one. Because it can also be alluded to killing the perpetrator with that very machine. And just as we assume that the chinaman is essentially “good”, we assume that the rapist is essentially “bad”. Whose one horrendous deed outdoes and outlives a possible life of unknown deeds. Whose one deed is sufficient for us to call ourselves just in denying him a chance for redemption.

    It is not as if a baby is born a criminal or a rapist, you know.

    I thank you for tolerating my verbose comment. You can of course delete it if you so decide, I wouldn’t mind in the least. I DO WISH TO CLARIFY WAS THAT IT WAS NOT MY INTENTION TO HURT, DOWNSIZE, OR CRITICIZE ANYONE/ANY POINT OF VIEW. The only thing that was intended was throwing some food for thought. I apologize heartily, in advance for any possible negative side effects or interpretations. For I know full well that there can be many. Including, but not limited to, the appearance that I might be advocating people to go about and rape. I”M NOT!!!

    I’m no better than anyone else. Nor any more perfect than the spider who continues to fall off the wall.

    With Love & peace to all,
    A Disturbed yet Calmed Visitor. :D

  75. I would also apologize for any possible typographic errors that might have occurred in either the spellings or the grammar of my previous comment. As you see, I had a bit of too much to say, and I was trying to say it fast.

  76. But then, perhaps, A Disturbingly Calm visitor would probably be a more true indicator for me.

    I sometimes can get a little disturbed by my own eerie calmness.

  77. Very nicely written…thanx for visiting my page….plz keep coming bak

  78. Devil Finch- Rewarded for her silence that is. A rapist knows no “right”.

    akshaya- Thank you and welcome to my Blog.

    L- I know you just love the topic :P

    Sachin- Thank you

    Pa6ora- Lol! You just keep coming back :P

    Duma Key- Sorry to hear about your friend… but sometimes lying to yourself is better than being honest.

    Sumedh- I applaud you from the depths of my soul… It takes time, dedication, interest and above all concern to vividly analyze and elaborate on such a sensitive issue. I agree with most of your points… but there are so mny ways of seeing the matter… Many readers kindly shared their theories via email, and it’s just shockingly amazing to see how very different we all are in approaching and dealing with issues. It was very brave of you however to pour your mind out not so discretly… I admire and appreciate that. I look forward to reading more brilliant theories, thoughts and opinions from you on upcoming posts.
    Thank you for your time and effort.

    diana- Thank you and will do!

  79. hi how r u?
    nice to see u on my blog……
    keep reading or visiting…
    take care


  80. Well… don’t you think there is a huge difference between killing an innocent stranger for a million bucks and charging a rapist with rape?

  81. Calling all bloggers

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