Happy Birthday


It was a murky dark night. The lonely moon cast its counterfeit reflection on the lake’s motionless crystal surface. Over the bulrushes surrounding the lake fireflies’ flickers died in the smoggy mist. Disturbing the silence were monotonous whirring of vexatious infinitesimal creatures. The mist hovered above the water like a thousand lost souls damned to eternity.


Across the lake, she looked up at the oddly-shaped moon from the balcony where she stood setting up a table for two. She looked radiant in her backless dark blue evening gown. The cicadas were already out celebrating with a droning tune. Optimistic for his arrival, she lit the candles that were placed gracefully on top of the mouthwatering Black Forest. Minute after minute she waited, deeply burning with the movement of the flame as the breeze swayed.



It was hopeless. He wasn’t coming. And it was only yesterday that he’d left her with the promise of tomorrow. She leaned over and blew the candles. As the smoke ascended, it drew an image of what could’ve been a splendid birthday. Soon, the smoke faded, and with it her birthday spirit.


Dedicated to naughtycorner

~ by Disturbed Stranger on July 18, 2008.

67 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. “Here’s your post…Now get off my back”
    Never :)
    Posts like these demand more ‘riding on your back’ my dear. I’m greedy and will always ask for more. Especially since it’s obvious you can always provide.
    So I’m gonna step over my jealousy (a post dedicated for naughtycorner? Really? How dare you?), and thank you for updating :*

  2. Thanks You! I love it! Although it is sad…and hopefully won’t come true for me…I loved it! I was lost in your words for the minutes as i read! Bravo!
    You just made my day…great gift! :)
    …. I think i need to look for a backless, dark blue dress…try to re-create that evening…

  3. WOW! OH MY GOD!! Beautiful words, I love this thing you do with sad themes; beautifying them with your amazing twisted descriptions. It takes a lot of talent and you my dear have plenty :*

    P.S hanan you are not alone, I am EXTREMELY jealous too!! :@ no dedications to me???? I’m your #1 fan!

  4. Very atmospheric and moody description, great sense of place. It sounds like there might be something out there on the lake that got him.

  5. my birthday was so much better without him thank you very much…and I got more cake…plenty to share with you tho…
    great story!

  6. You really captured a slice of time. I have one question – why “counterfeit” reflection?

  7. I think deep down she knew he wasn’t coming. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone all the way like that. Not for that man. Not for any man?


  8. Last year she was with me … this year I am alone!

  9. hanan- You are most welcome… and woman we have got to do something about that jealousy of yours :* (hmmm.. yours and q8tia’s;) )

    naughtycorner07- Happy Birthday and my pleasure. I hope your birthday was more phenomenal … and that you weren’t stood up either ;)

    q8tia- I know I’m talented. And I think I have a lot of #1 fans, so much that #1 fan doesn’t seem that special anymore ;) how about you #2?

    Paul- LoooL. Lake monster? I like the thought but sci-fi isn’t my thing although I’m into vampires :P Are vampires categoriezed as sci-fi? A loose psycho would be even better!

    Linda- Glad it was! Happy Birthday! And darling, you owe me some cake! :)

    intlxpatr- Because the reflection isn’t real… It’s pretending/posing to be the real moon on the lake.

    Amethyst- Maybe she didn’t “go all the way” for him… For herself maybe?
    “not for any man”… woman then? ;)

    Amu- Sorry to hear that..? And as long as you’ve got ‘yourself’ your never alone. But most people don’t get that.
    Or… next time announce your birthday and I’ll join you as good company… Any lake-view balcony is fine by me ;)

  10. *Amu- “You’re” never alone, not “your” :P… something is wrong with my ‘comment editing’ opinion.

  11. Where is my dedication?!!!!! :@ I’m supposed to be the first to get one!! Next one is mine!! IT BETTER BE MINE!

    with that said, the lake sounds enchanting. Yebeela boat in the middle of that lake, just you and me ;) a little one on onw, to see if there are any lake monsters out there ;)

  12. la la la! hathi el mes2ala feeha gebayil!! feeha thebaye7! feeha dem! What do you mean by dedications to others before me, ur best friend, ur family, ur lover, ur tibin, ur everything? HAAAA?!
    and ur writing not bad. Bes I’m done complementing you!

    ………… ok ok you are brilliant and twisted! Damn I want that lakeview balcony and the cake! I want the woman too ;)

  13. Extraordinary portrait Disturbed. It sounds like something out of a novel. Seriously Disturbed Stranger you would make a remarkable author. Please consider publishing a novel. I guarantee you it would be outstandingly successful. Think about it.
    Despite the depressing theme you make me wish that that was me out on the balcony celebrating my birthday.

  14. Very dramatic. Great lake details, very accurate, you’ve got a sharp mind for details. I loved the fireflies’ image.
    Exceptional as always.
    Thank you for updating.
    Viper & q8tia lay off our pressured author :)

  15. You have such depth in your writing, it’s almost impossible to catch your breath. I see you don’t post very often. But then, genius takes time.

  16. I’m sure there was some sort of misunderstanding. He’d never intentionally disappoint her.

    Your writing here seems rushed though; not carefully planned. Nevertheless, well done.

  17. Queen N- With you on the boat… I think we already found the monster ;) And a lot of people want dedications, you just have to wait in line :*

    Viper- Actually, to me, you are none of the above… however you are an annoyance :P and lakeview balcony sorry can’t do, the woman… well you ask naughtycorner07 and cake… a lot of birthdays goig around, help yourself ;)

    P2C2U- As a matter of fact I’m considering the idea… And thank you hon.

    Dr.Know- I liked the fireflies too… and yeah tell those gnats to stop ‘bugging’ me!

    WC- Welcome and thank you. I am a genius… but I’m also a very busy genius :P I’ll be writing more when the summer is over.

    Powell- Other than being abducted by lake monsters I can’t think of another excuse for ditching her on her birthday.

  18. I can’t get enough of your posts. Each post has it’s own surprise hidden uniquely in it. The image here is heartbreaking but also at the same time we are reminded that life goes on because nothing lasts forever, hence the candles, time, youth, patience, and hope. A vital reminder to our everyday life. Nice work.

    Really Disturbed, your readers are very energetic and encouraging :) Everything about your blog contributes to a welcoming atmosphere.

  19. A7! Do you enjoy breaking people’s hearts?!!!!

    Fine I’m nothing to you, but can I be your #2 fan not q8tia? It’s the least you can do for me :)

  20. Where do you get your artwork for your posts? They are really good.

  21. Beautiful the pathos … A’tho why call it Happy :) ?

    Heart tugging …

  22. You always bring out the monster in me luv ;) frankly I enjoy my wild side with you :* and I’m not waiting in any line, I have a VIP pass ;)

  23. Whooooooa! A new post!
    Finally :D
    So who’s the sad girl in the hot dress? And where’s the bastard that’s supposed to show her a ‘good time’ on her birthday?

    P.S creepy lake, love it.

  24. “The lonely moon cast its counterfeit reflection on the lake’s motionless crystal surface.”

    soooo beautiful…

  25. Feels so eerie. How come it’s always the lady who’s waiting…

  26. Karri Compton- Thank you, your visits here contribute to that welcoming atmosphere as well.

    Viper- Fine. You can be my #2 fan.

    wisealma- Nowhere specific… Here and there. I just take whatever pleases my eyes ;)

    Mental Mist- A birthday tends to be a “happy” occasion even though it wasn’t the case here.

    Queen N- The monster in you doesn’t need “bringing out”.

    mental challenge- hmmm… So far we’ve got this:
    The girl in the hot dress is a lousy immitation of naughtycorner07, and the reason why the “bastard” didn’t show up is because he could have been abducted by lake monsters :P

    Queen of the Universe- Thank you and welcome to my blog.

    vixenfatale- because men have no patience.

  27. I can tell from your writing that you are a night person. Your love of vampires confirms my statement ;) Your description of the dark is exceptional.

    Nicely done Disturbed.

  28. Hi Disturbed stranger, I read your comment on Strider’s blog – and I was curious about your genre of writing. I was really amazed at the comments that you were able to generate – more than 90 comments – that’s INCREDIBLE!!! But when I read your posts, I now understand. You have a gift for writing. Your words flow and connects with the reader. fantastic blog. Now I’m glad I dropped by.

    Happy blogging, I ‘ll include you in my special blog roll for my favorite writing blogs.

    All the best.

  29. I mean, your words flow and CONNECT with the reader…sorry for the typo, as usual my keypads have a mind of their own (grins).

  30. As usual, good one

  31. Brilliant work Disturbed!
    naughtycorner07 is very lucky :) So when will I get my turn? ;) Better yet, when will you drop by? You haven’t visited my blog in ages :( I miss your criticism :P

  32. Kevin H- Did I also mention that I sleep during the day, love the sight of blood, and have an uncontrollable obsession with necks? ;)

    Jena Isle- Welcome to my blog. You flatter me!
    I’m also very honored to be on your blog roll. I’ve dropped by your blog… Lovely. I’ll be dropping by some more later on ;)

    Enigma- Thank you.

    Elijah- Hey! Where have you been? Just came from your blog and lol!! Great post! :D Left you a li’l remark too ;)

    Also, I would like to thank all readers who continually send encouraging & supporting emails.

  33. MABEE!!!! I AM #2!!! :@ Mu eb kayf Viper!!!!!!!


  34. You are gifted Disturbed Stranger.
    Your images and imagery are not like any I’ve seen before. Truly unique. Your style captures the reader’s mind and soul.
    If you ever consider publishing a novel, please let me know, I’ll be amongst the first in line to purchase it.
    In this piece it feels like you’re combining 2 different worlds: the lake; wild but peaceful & trouble-free and the “civilized” world (balcony); civilized but with its chaos and corruption, like the unfulfilled promises and shattered hopes & wishes.
    Well done. As usual, fabulous work.

  35. Hello Disturbed Stranger, it’s been a while :)
    Poor gal, I hope that jerk was really abducted by lake monsters!
    Fantastic work.

  36. I loved your writing style! you use amazing descriptive words.

    I hate him for not showing up and ruining her birthday, though. :-o

  37. What a misreable birthday.
    My birthday is coming up, I want more than a dedication :) How about that balcony date? Maku lake, seaview on boat ok? ;*

  38. words of passion stranger

  39. q8tia- How about you become my #8 fan? 8 is my favorite number, you know that… You’d be very special, what say you?

    Delusional BND- Well my friend… This just means that you’ve got impeccable taste! As for your analysis… impressive.

    Alysha- Hello yourself. How’ve you been? And lol I’m liking the lake monsters… I might just dedicate my next post to them ;)

    SKITTLES- Thank you… and you really can’t blame him… he’s a man after all :P

    J.J- Are you askig me out? ;)

    rawdawgbuffalo- Passion is my thing. Thank you.

  40. Now that’s a very cheerful birthday gift! Do I dare ask for a wedding gift? You’d probably turn my wife into a zombie bride in your post ;)

    Nonetheless outstanding description and style!

    P.S why don’t you drop by anymore? My blog misses you.

  41. Listen you…distributing fan numbers 3ala kaifich? Offering dedications right and left. tra ma9a5teehah..
    Anyway, I’m growing a certain liking to that monster in the lake too. Too bad you don’t do sci-fi.
    Is it time to start nagging for a new post while the iron (keyboard?) is still hot? Or should I wait for more comment to accumulate?

  42. Your replies to some readers are hilarious! they totally cracked me up :P
    As for your post, saddening but also enlightening and tranquil. More important, creative style. You’d make an outstanding author!

  43. My birthday was way better. No one stood me up ;)

  44. Baaaaih 3al baraka! ma bqaitai update.
    hatha birthday present? allah y3in a at message.
    I like the sequence of events in your stories they ally keep me on the edge and make me thirsty for more.

  45. Bastard ruined the poor thing’s birthday!
    wonderfully done ;)
    cheers luv :*

  46. celesto- You’re getting married?! Congratulations! hmmm.. “zombie bride”… I like ;) So when’s the big day?

    hanan- It was about time you started your nagging ;) Firstly, I do as I please… If you want a fan # all you have to do is ask… 5 1/2? ;) secondly, I’m not in the mood ;* Don’t you have work to do? Papers to mark? Exams to write? Stop fooling around here and WORK!

    Chris- I AM an outstanding author. Thank you.

    Pixie- Are you sure no one was forced to be there though? :P

    Pure Hatred- I’d check my comments thoroughly before hitting ‘submit’ if I were you ;) thanks anyway. How’s the weather in Barcelona btw? When are you planning to come back?

    Denim boy- Hey! ;) and yeah I know…. what a heart-breaker… Thank you.

  47. Hi, dropped by to see if there was a new post. Happy blogging!

  48. Superb descriptions. As I read I felt myself floating across the lake and flying towards the balcony.
    Sad birthday, but I guess more cake for her :)
    By the way done with all and onto last book. I couldn’t put it down! My brain froze as I got to the last chapter, I’m speechless. Again thank you.

  49. My birthday was wonderful, thank you! It not only lasted on THE day but carried on through the entire weekend. Was actually treated to dinner and not stood up :) yey, for me! Thanks again Disturbed.

  50. Jena Isle- Hey Jena! lol it usually takes a while and a lot of nagging, (especially hanan’s) to get me off my behind and post something ;)

    Ancrene Wiseass- You’re quite welcome… And just wait till you’re done with the last book. The ending will leave you in pieces ;)

    naughtycorner07- Lucky you! I’m glad you weren’t stood up…hmmm… maybe no lake monsters in your neighborhood? ;) did you at least wear a blue dress?

  51. lol :D I thought you would :P
    Big day: November 22nd!
    You better be there! :P

  52. I felt sad but I loved the deep insight I somehow felt when I read it. You are one of those writers that can reach out and touch others on the inside.

  53. Hello stranger, many thanks for commenting on my blog, cutewriting. I am happy that you liked it. You have got an impressive site here. well done.

  54. I can’t wait!!

  55. what the hell are cicadas? ;p is it pronounced sisadas or kikadas? ;p
    birthdays are overrated anyways, when things happen in a moment when u least expect them to, those are more special ;p

  56. Too deep…almost got me fainted

  57. Ah, a classic verbiage.

    But then again, its personal. So who am I to criticize, right?




  58. Celesto- Of course I will :D

    heidi- Well now I’m touched by your beautiful words! Thank you.

    Ancrene Wiseass- :)

    bored- Looool! “What’s a cicada?” It’s an annoying musical insect :P
    This might help if you’re really interested:
    It’s pronounced si-kay-da by the way ;)
    And do you mean more special when it’s a surprise party? Coz seriously they’re not a “surprise” anymore…

    Adrenaline- Pumped too much adrenaline? ;) thank you.

    rimewire- It’s not that personal really :P but I am a classic!

  59. a33333!!! they look like cockroaches! and i have a phobia from them!!! and no i didnt mean a surprise party but like when someone makes an effort to make you feel special out of the blue, without an event or reason, simply to put a smile on your face, something like that ;p

  60. Poor thing.
    Outstanding portraits!
    So when have you decided? Am I expecting your royal arrival? :P

  61. do you have an about me page here?




  62. Lenin Nair- Sorry for the late reply, your comment was identified as spam, I just saw it. Thank you and welcome to my blog.

    bored- Lol. Here’s a secret then… I’ve got that phobia too! And yeah I know what you mean now… So now, are you going to surprise me with anything? ;)

    Judy- It might take a while. Sorry but things keep coming up :(

    rimewire- No… What do you want to know? I’ll answer ;)

  63. LOL! And I was just saying that I didn’t think a day by the pool could be depressing!
    A depressing birthday?! WOW! Interesting lake image. I love the insect touch as wellZ:
    “fireflies’ flickers” and “cicadas out celebrating”, simply beautiful.

  64. July 18th!!! that’s my birthday as well :D :D :D Why thank you very much for the dedication Disturbed Stranger ;p ;p ;p

    I had an almost similar birthday…Yeah, he didn’t call me either…i don’t why…i mean OK fine i did break up with him only 3 days before my birthday but still i gave him my best, ‘It’s not you, it’s me” speech; and just the perfect, “I hope we can remain friends” speech ever. So, he could have just called as a friend :(

    Yeah, i know..i gotta a lot of nerve :D ;P :D

    BTW, love your style, each word is an image

  65. Homeless Man Speaks- It’s not depressing… It’s reality. I loved the insects too!

    Darya- Happy Birthday! If I had known I would have dedicated something to you as well. You can also request dedications, just tell me what you want me write about.
    And the nerve of him to ignore you on your birthday!!! Have you considered the possibility of him being abducted by lake monsters?? My readers really stress on that possibibility ;)

  66. Hi Disturbed stranger, thanks for the comment in CuteWriting. Yes, continuously and continually are two such well confused words. Let me clarify. (I posted the same in CuteWriting)

    Continuously should be used for anything that doesn’t break, like the flow of water.
    Continually is for anything that ‘recurs’ in a pattern (with fixed intervals in between) like the process of yearly tax returns or the beating of the drum by a drummer.

    Sad that many people mix them up.


  67. you capture the realization of a wish that will not come true,
    the atmosphere is melancholy-lovely.

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