Truth Vs Fiction

Why fiction?

I have nothing against people who love truth. Apart from the fact that they make dull companions. Just so long as they don’t start on about storytelling and honesty, the way some of them do. Naturally that annoys me. Provided they leave me alone, I won’t hurt them.

My gripe is not with lovers of the truth but with truth herself. What succour, what consolation is there in truth, compared to a story? What good is truth, at midnight, in the dark, when the wind is roaring like a bear in the halls? When the lightening strikes shadows on the bedroom wall and the rain taps at the window with its long fingernails? No. When fear and cold make a statue of you in your bed, don’t expect hard-boned and fleshless truth to come running at your aid. What you need are the plump comforts of a story… The soothing, rocking safety of a lie…

And with that I leave you to part 1 of my first published fiction:

Reluctance Vs. Submission


It was dark. It was quiet. It was cold. It was damp. It was dead. The touch of the cold iron chains against her smooth, sensitive skin sent shots of shivers up and down her spine. Quivers. The rattling of the chains echoed back and forth on the thick 16th century stone walls, other than the crawling and squeaking of unknown varmints…that…was the only sound heard 50 feet underground in the cellar: The Dungeon.

But there was no one there to hear but her. Alone. Sinking in her sorrow. Alone. Her warm tears flushed down her cheeks. But she made no sound, for it insulted her to cry. She was not crying. Was it an involuntary necessity to discharge excess liquid? Perhaps. Suddenly, a lonely overhead light bulb lit. However, it was still dim. Rattling of keys came from behind the massive wooden door. There was a jolt at the huge metal lock. Unlocked. The door opened with a creak, sounds of footsteps were approaching her. Her heart started pounding with each step. She clasped her knees to her chin. The footsteps stopped. She looked up, squinting. There stood, blocking the light, the silhouette of a well-built figure. The dark figure stretched out his arm and murmured, “Drink this. She was frightened. Very frightened. But confident.

“Take it, the voice insisted.

“No,” she fired back and turned her head to the side.

“No?” The voice mocked. The figure bent down, supporting his weight on his feet and brought his face close to hers. He lifted the cup closer to her lips. She gave a rejecting sound and turned her face to the other side. The figure gave a grunt and made a sudden grab at her hair, pulling it back, exposing her face and neck. “Do we have to do this every time?” Her eyes were tearing up. He brought the cup close to her lips, again. She drank.

“Good girl” he whispered and planted a kiss on her wet lips. A tear ran down her cheek.


~ by Disturbed Stranger on April 1, 2008.

42 Responses to “Truth Vs Fiction”

  1. Brilliant. Love the words and style. Although seems like I read it before.

  2. You HAVE Elijah.. she is republishing her work onto her blog. Good job I say, but still too heave on the gloomy-eerie stuff…

  3. Awesome. So who’s the damsel in distress? better yet, who’s the stud?

  4. You’re sure it wasn’t a raven tapping on the window? ;p Sorry. Poe’s spirit’s still haunting me.

    Safety in lies. I can’t disagree. I’ve always wondered about the whole ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power deal. I’m not sure if power is better than bliss.

    But you choosing bliss sounds a bit out of character. Or out of the character you paint in your story. But then again, you might just be comforting your own readers with a lie.

    Anxiously waiting for more unpublished stories.

    p.s. truth as an April fool’s topic is so appropriate.

  5. Yes! definetly read this before! LoL… do I have to say it? :P Shall I start begging for the 2nd part again? :(

    cheers and again well written

  6. Love the dungeon

  7. welcome to blog world Disturbed. Great to have you here.
    Your story is a masterpiece, what inspired it?

  8. There is a heavy psycological message behind the story. Should I be subjective or objective? Well I am afraid that depends on how much of the “story” is “true”.
    The question is Disturbed, what is your “prison”? And who is your “jailor”?

  9. WoW! great blog. I Loved the dungeon but I think she could have been more stronger?

  10. Love your style

  11. I get turned on every time I read that story!! LoL does that make me a sick freak? well. Even if it does. I am anyway :)

    Follow up! Follow up! :P

  12. Again? I have read this story of yours, and since when was it published? Nice photo I like the dark colours. My only criticism is that it is too much of a drama, neverthless, interesting details of the environment she’s living in.

  13. AMAZING, I love it :) maybe cuz I understood what I was reading ;p but really it’s strong, brilliant and well written, love your style :)
    can’t wait to read part 2 :)

  14. I’m amazed! Your introversion really resulted in something now didn’t it. Very gothic perhaps and a wee bit erotic, but I loves it. I like how the narration is detailed and how it makes the reader able to see very very very vividly the facial expressions of the girl.
    you go girl, and never come back! :-p

  15. Simple yet very powerful. well done.

  16. Very erotic. Sensuous. Arousing. Lascivious. Great job.

  17. “But she made no sound, for it insulted her to cry. She was not crying. Was it an involuntary necessity to discharge excess liquid? Perhaps. Suddenly, a lonely overhead light bulb lit.”

    I love this. Wonderful choice of descriptives.
    Looking forward to the next story.

  18. The picture doesn’t match the image in my head.

  19. Mentally perplexing, quite arousing and extremely disturbing. I expected nothing less.
    As for your truth vs. fiction query: express the truth through fiction, always. Plain truth wears you out, and makes a dull companion out of you.

  20. I am turned on! :S

  21. this sounds familiar .. is this the one you wrote for whats her name?

  22. Amethyst… ur kind of trying to make the picture in ur head the real picture.. this picture is just for kicks… lol

    And come on !! neeeeeeext! :)

  23. I’m in love with books and the One who gives inspiration to write them… You seem genuine and the words you choose beautifully give your writing a certain glow.
    I would love to read some more.
    Thank you.

  24. HOT! hOT! HoT!

  25. Love this story… Love the jailor…
    Fiction is good, stick to that. I wouldn’t worry about the truth, that can easily be “forced” out of a person, especially for those who tend to “submit” easily :)

  26. Truth is always good. The woman seems to have put herself in that position. 9ej wehga :P

  27. Elijah- Yes you have. Like L pointed out I am republishing my work.
    Pixie- just another fictional character.
    Hanan- Poe is a good read… and I give the readers what they want to hear… only those sharp readers distangle the truth from my ficition. The truth is always there… between the lines.
    The Keeper- Patience… is not a virtue… so Keep nagging.
    J.J- I don’t do inspirations.
    Dr.Know- My prison is my mind… My jailor is my body.
    Shopaholic- Depends on your definition of strength.
    Viper- No. It makes you a sadist. Unless… you were being turned on by the jailor :) then that would make you a Masochist (this goes for everyone else who was turned on by this story)
    Delinquent Oppressor- Republishing. There is no drama. Look closer.
    H.J.- Understood? I doubt it.
    Hussain- Thank you.
    Homeless Man Speaks- chill.. and thank you.
    Amethyst- It shouldn’t. Try focusing on the words instead of the images.
    Powell- “express the truth through fiction” I always do.
    L- Thank you for your support.
    Karri Compton- Thank you.
    Queen N- Of course
    ma95arabee6- The man put himself in that position too… your point?

    Thank you all.

  28. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! Umm…errr…rrr… No… :$
    I like the girl.. ummm… yeah… she seems nice :P

  29. WoW. Can’t have given a better reply myself.

  30. Super. I like!

  31. So what do you do? and damn! It takes you a long time to reply woman! :P

  32. YALLLAAAAAAAAAAH NEW POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@

  33. ‘Ello Luv! I couldn’t believe this was you! You moved to a new blog then? Why? I kinda liked the old one, sorta kinky! :P Great to have you back anyway!
    As for you story even more KiNkY!! :P The jailor turns me on and YES I am a Masochist but you know that already :P no chains? :P
    BTW I am still single, can you believe it? loool ok no need to air my laundry here. I’ll just e-mail you, do I still have you e-mail? Well, You have mine. Keep in touch :*

  34. J.J- I write.

    xql- Don’t order me.

    Denim Boy- It’s been long. I am not surprised your still single :)
    My email:

  35. oooooo sadism! Me likey :P is this story going to be Rated R? Or just pg 15? 3ayal ana laish ga3dah akbar? Give me something to satisfy me please :P
    The words you select give me goose bumps (that’s a compliment). I’m lovin’ it :)

    Sorry for the late post haven’t been online for a while :(

  36. Hakuna mattata :)

  37. whooooooooow! Nice work :)

  38. “dark”, “quiet”, “cold”, “dead”…. are they feelings too? The writer’s personality is reflected in his/her work. Of course I am not accusing or pointing out anything here, just purely interested in you.

  39. Answer meeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    Lol. And I still think this was the best part!

  40. I just realized I didn’t comment on the first part which was the start of the “masterpiece”… Great start :) (lol I know it’s a little late for that but q8tia brought this to my attention so blame her :P)

  41. Oh I like your stuff!!

  42. Ну ничё так.

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