My Existence

When John Donne wrote “no man is an island, entire of itself” he couldn’t have known about genuine introverts like me. I might live within a community- albeit on the fringes- but my reclusiveness, my reticence, even my indifference to what others think, means, at best, that I’m only semi-attached to the “continent” of mankind. If I engage with the rest at all, it’s on my own terms and not on anyone’s…

However… this blog is obligatory… for those who requested it.


Disturbed Stranger

~ by Disturbed Stranger on March 14, 2008.

43 Responses to “My Existence”

  1. How typically disturbed :)
    Show off.
    Good luck with your future endeavors as you attempt to prove your genuine introversion

    Ma beqaynah!! Finally! A blogger!
    Now…………….. STORIES?!!!!!

  3. Hala Hala
    ooooo shal kalam il qawi?? John Donne wa bo 3abas… la bes welcome-o ;)
    wa shako q8tia comments gably?

  4. yah YaH.. shNo hatha.. ma agdar 3ala il kalam il zain ;**
    MABRROOK 7YATII… keeep il 7achee il kbeer hatha ;) hehe

    LuvcH waiD .. ;*** (LUV UR BLOG TOO)

  5. loool Viper :P coz I’m Disturbed’s #1 fan :)

  6. yaaaaa entaaaayyy meno gdch 7da a cool website btw mabrooook 3laih
    keep it up o hope 2 c coming stories

  7. welcome :-)

  8. I love John Donne!

  9. I didn’t request it :P So gloomy my goodness. Do you have to interpret everything in that manner? :P

  10. Yala finally maa bu’3aina… now u have ur own blog to post ur shit up :D looking forward to reading the next one :)
    5al9eenee bsir3a!!!!!!

    Proud to death, L.

    P.S yala dooree asawee blog oo a’6ab6ich :)

  11. habitat

  12. Congrats!
    Looking forward to reading your masterpieces, keep up the hard work. You’ll do great.
    Proud of you.

  13. Stories?

  14. Welcome and congrats on the site, looks promising.
    Love your name too.

  15. ay shaaaaaaay!!!!! I am the last to write here?!!!!!!!!! :@ ok ok this isn’t the time or place for it. Q8tia & Viper shoghilkom wiyay b3dain.
    Disturbed a blog finally?!
    I don’t doubt your capabilities and I love your writing. Now give us something and blow us out of this world!

  16. Hey “insert the name u think id say :)” I finally got to grips with this and I’m getting my first story ready :D ! yalla lets make u proud lol

  17. oh sorry to double post but i forgot to say.. and where is ur first story come on :( !

  18. Mabrook :* wow. looks good. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ YOUR WORK :* Huge fan.

    Good luck!

  19. ola and welcome!
    Your blog looks great and I’ve been following ur work since you started. keep up the hard work.

  20. Welcome to the world, Stranger.
    I never saw any of your artsy side before, I always thought of you as a blonde — no disrespect.
    Yalla start barfing posts already…

  21. Hello Disturbed Stranger!
    Congraturlations on the blog. Finally published work! :D looking forward to your first post (dont disappoint me) I’m gonna be a frequent visiter here :)

  22. Disturbed are you m/f?

  23. Welcome :)

  24. Eccentric

  25. I love your choice of words.
    Not very warm but Brilliantly written.

  26. Oh didn’t see this post. Love John Donne but love your introversion. I anticipate further good readings.

    well done

  27. Thank you everyone and welcome.

    Q8tia, Viper & mostahter- Chill

    Amethyst- I don’t

    Delinquent Oppressor- I didn’t request your comment either. “Do you have to interpret everything in that manner?” look up the word ‘disturbed’

    L- congrats on your blog. goodluck.

    Almost There- I hate blonds (disrespect intended).

    RIP- looking forward to disappointing you.

    thinker- Depends. Are you inquiring about my sex or gender? ;) (ask a stupid question….)

    Catch-22- I don’t intend to be warm.

  28. LoooooL.
    But I am not disappointed with your last post :P

  29. looooooool.
    Touché :P

  30. ~oh and welcome to the hood~ :*

  31. You are so malicious. I love it :)

  32. I’m the last to know about your blog? Typical :)
    (as punishment I’ve stolen ur nick :P)
    Mabrook aweetie :* I am proud of my little introvert :*

  33. John Donne used to be my idol until I did some major reading of his work.. Then I realized he’s full of shit.

  34. I love John Donne’s Aeropagitica.

    As for truth – fiction can wile away the time, can distract from pain, can fool you for a while. If you want to survive, you really need to be playing with a full deck.

    Are you playing with a full deck? ;-)

  35. Skullful- Welcome to my world… soon enough you’ll realize everyone is full of shit.

    intlxpatr- Doesn’t matter, you don’t need a full deck when you intend to cheat…. you just win….if you’re skillful enough ;)

  36. I found you on Grandma Julia’s blog. I am enjoying your style. I’d love to pick your brain…what are your thoughts on love? Consider it my latest research project.


  37. I came across your blog as I was researching :) (disturbed work) John Donne is an artist and his work is simply magnificent, you should take the time to read deeply into his work if you haven’t done that already.
    If you enjoy good reads, visit me, I have some interesting recommendations.

  38. BizyLizy- I only do twisted, perverted and disturbed love… how about that? Plenty of those coming on the way. Anything specific you had in mind? If so… don’t hesitate to tell/ask.

    Ancrene Wiseass- I don’t like him.
    I’ve visited your blog. Quite interesting. I’ve also sent you a list of MY recommendations on the email you added me from. Enjoy.

  39. Fab selection I especially loved the last two. How did you come across them? Which do you recommend I read first?

  40. DS, twisted and disturbed love, I like. I’ve always enjoyed the tragic, torn love. Romeo & Juliet, Sid & Nancy, Harold & Maud, etc. I also enjoyed reading your “Subconscious Desires.” Nice tension, love the play on control and submission. Good work.

  41. I am absolutely in love with your blog :) it’s great that you’re early in your establishment in order for me to follow your work, though it’s a pity I wasn’t able to witness your grand opening. As late as this is; congrats and wonderful work! (better late than never)

    Now inspire me with your work and give me something to look forward to if not daily then at least weekly (no pressure there ;) )

  42. Welcome Disturbed :)

  43. Классно, штука полезная!

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